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Moving is one of the most stressful times in one's life. You may find that there are so many different things to organize from moving vans to storage units, from telephone transfers to school changes that you will need a vacation after you get everything done. When you are moving out of state there are so many things to deal with you may feel compelled to write them in felt pen on the wall. So how can you keep your sanity all the while ensuring a successful out of state move?

The best way to move out of state is to start the planning and preparations early. That way you can be sure you have everything under control when the big day does come. If you are moving out of state due to a job transfer, then there is a good chance that your company will pay for some of the moving costs. However, you will still need to organize all of this and you will most likely need to have the money together up front and then get reimbursed later when you actually start the new position.

Finding a Place to Live

If your company is not paying for the moving costs then one thing you will find yourself doing is getting quotes and price comparisons. After all, if you are paying out of your own pocket then you want to be sure you are paying the cheapest amount possible for things like storage, accommodation along the way, moving services, cleaning services, property management or real estate services and vehicle transfers.

Finding a place to live out of state can be even more stressful than actually packing up and leaving your current home. One option you have is to take a trip or two before you move to check out the different suburbs and options you have. Meet with a real estate agent and spend the weekend checking out the areas and the different homes. You may wish to rent out a house or even stay in a cheap motel accommodation for the first few weeks until you get everything organized and are ready to commit to a real estate purchase.

Choosing a Moving Company

Real estate aside, another important aspect of moving out of state is getting your belongings there. You will most likely need the assistance of a moving truck company or removalist company to help you pack and move your items. However, you may be looking at working with several different companies if you need to move cars, boats and other larger items on a trailer. Furthermore, if you are not moving into a house right away you should also organize a storage area for your items until you do relocate to a permanent house.

Feeling the stress yet? Unfortunately it is not over yet. You also need to think about the paperwork involved in moving out of state. This includes transferring things like your home phone, your electrical bills and other bills that you pay. You will need to switch cell phones, internet providers, insurance documents as well as look into new schools for the kids, new daycares for the younger kids and new facilities to explore. Try not to think about this as a chore but rather an adventure and take your time.

When it comes to moving out of state it is best to do things slowly but steady. Make a list of all the different things you need to organize in terms of the big move. Aim to get one thing organized per day for the next few weeks so that you are not leaving everything until the last minute. Eventually you will get there.

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