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When you first move into a dorm you are probably completely overwhelmed with your new environment. Not only are you in a new place away from your parents, but you also need to navigate through a brand new school, mix with a new set of people and even share your living space with complete strangers.

Fast forward eight months and suddenly your first year is over and it's time to move out of your dorm. Again, you are probably faced with a mixture of emotions, including sadness and nostalgia that your first year of University is already over and your cozy, cramped and comfortable dorm room is all of a sudden not yours anymore. Make the most out of your move out of the dorms by forgetting about keeping away fire ants and planning, organizing and leaving plenty of time for goodbyes.

Packing up your Dorm Room

It can be quite surprising to discover how much stuff you have accumulated in the short amount of time you have lived in the dorms. Most dorm rooms come with a bed, a desk, a bedside table, a lamp to study and a closet to keep your clothes. However, you will need to empty the overflowing closet and drawers, take down the posters and pictures on the walls, empty out the desk and pack up your mini fridge, your laundry basket, your beanbag chair and any other items that have made it into your room.

The last week of living in a dorm can be quite crazy. Exams are usually over and most people are quite relieved. The hallways are filled with garbage backs, backpacks and suitcases overflowing with stuff. Your room most likely looks like a hurricane hit it and you are probably itching to get to the pub for one last beer rather than sort through your items.

In between all the studying, exam writing and partying, set a full day towards packing. Make it one of your last days in your room so that you are not too upset or unprepared for another week in the dorm without your stuff all packed up. Start early in the morning and work from one side of the room to the other.

Buy some sturdy garage bags as well as storage containers. You will most likely need a few more containers now than when you first arrived. Put your clothing in the bags that you came with and save your books, notes and other items for the storage bins. Throw out anything that you do not need anymore, including old socks, clothes, notes and empty bottles that somehow ended up in the back of your closet.

Do not leave your room until your dorm is completely packed up, except for a quick meal or two. Do not get tempted by your friend's offers to catch a movie or have a beer at the pub. Use this time to pack and use the evening to party. That way when you wake up tomorrow morning feeling worse for wear, you do not have to tackle a mountain of clothes.

Moving out of the dorms can also be hard on you emotionally. Most people make lifelong friends in college and you may have trouble saying goodbye to your roommates, especially if they live far away. You may be returning to your parents for the summer and will be away from that closeness. You may be getting your own apartment next year instead of living in the dorms. It is important to keep your memories of your first year in dorms - bring the good times with you, packed in between your psychology textbook and your commemorative student sweatshirt.

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