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Out of state moves can be stressful for your entire family. You and your spouse are probably worried about finding a new place to live, making new friends, feeling safe in a new neighborhood and starting a new job. Your children may feel anxious about leaving their friends and starting at a new school. If you have teenagers, this move may actually be the end of the world and they will most likely be telling you this every chance they get. Make moving to another state as pleasant and stress free as possible by planning for the big day and doing a little preparation ahead of time.

Telling the Kids About the Move

If moving out of state is an option, either because of a job offer or because you are looking for a change of pace, discuss it with your entire family ahead of time. Let them know that nothing is set in stone but ask the kids what they would think. Giving them six months or longer to actually get used to the idea will make the transition much smoother.

When your teenage daughter has a bad day, for example, she will welcome the idea of moving away from her current school. Talk about what each family member wants and doesn't want. In the end, it is you and your partner's decision but it's nice to get some input from the kids as well.

Making Moving Day Manageable

When moving out a state becomes a reality it is best to do as much preparation ahead of time. Consider changes in climate, and the fact that you may have to mow during the summer more often. Spend some time online researching schools, neighborhoods, housing costs, activities, fuel costs and insurance and licensing regulations. If you can, plan a family trip to your new state and check out different neighborhoods and things to do. Rent a car and let the kids pick a few activities in between house hunting and job interviews.

Make a list of all the things that you need to do before and after the move. This may include big things like putting in your notice to your current landlord and finding a new place to live as well as smaller things like adjusting your insurance, changing your driver's license, switching over your phone and internet bill and cancelling your hot water and other utility bills. Enrolling the kids in new schools, hiring a moving van company and filing a change of address form are also things that need to be put on the To-Do list.

Take one day and one job at a time. Plan ahead and try to accomplish one thing each week. When you are packing up the house for the big move, start small. The whole process can be extremely overwhelming and you will most likely suffer from a few panic attacks along the way. This is completely normal. Just keep telling yourself that you will eventually get there. It is just going to take some time.

One of the things that makes moving to another state less scary is knowing that you and your family are in this together. Sure, you may be leaving your cozy home, your lovely street and your favorite hangouts, but you have a whole new town to explore, an empty house to decorate and a world of people to meet. Sure, you may be leaving grandparents, friends, neighbors, co workers and social circles behind, but you are bringing the most important people along for the ride - your partner and your children. Sticking together, talking about the fears and planning ahead can make moving out of state an adventure to take as a team.

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