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Moving with children, much like moving with pets is not the easiest task, regardless of what age they are. Basically you need to organize the move and your items as well as figure out the best way to transport your kids from A to B. Unfortunately you cannot ship your kids with the moving company and thus you will need to either drive to your new location or fly there depending on how you want to do it. Either way, when it comes to moving or traveling with children, you need to be prepared.

Making the Move Fun

When you are moving with children you need to go about the situation a little differently than if it was just you leaving town. Your kids may be excited at the new prospect of starting a new school and living in a different house or they may have the idea of it and wish they could stay behind with their friends. This depends on their age as well as their personality.

Give them plenty of notice that you are planning to move so that they can be aware of what is coming. If your kids are older and upset about the move then you may need to promise them a treat to get them excited about the new move. For example, on the way to your new town you could stop off at an amusement park, see a ball game or do something fun along the way to make the trip a little better for them.

When helping your children pack, let them do as much as possible on their own. Let them decide what clothes to take and what clothes to sell before they go. Let them choose what toys to donate and what toys to bring. You can help them along but let them be involved in the process as much as possible.

Transportation and Children

If you are planning on driving your vehicle to your new location then you may have a couple of days of driving ahead of you if moving out of state. Make it fun for your kids by splitting the trip up. Instead of driving for 12 hours straight, which can be hard for kids of all ages, instead take three days to get there and drive only a four hour trip per day. Stay in hotels that have swimming pools and check out local sights along the way. Enjoy a little bit of family time in between the madness of moving and the chaos of unpacking in your new home.

If you are flying to your new house then you won't have such a long journey but you still need to be prepared. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks and water for the journey as well as activity books, portable games and DVD players and anything else to keep the troops amused. Flying can be fun for kids the novelty can wear off pretty quick. Furthermore for younger children, it can be a little scary and painful to their ears. Bring plenty of fluids, bottles, soothers or anything else to keep your little one happy on the flight.

Do some planning and preparations when moving with children and let your kids be as involved as possible in the process. This can make it seem like the decision to move was a family one, which is should be anyway. Let your kids pick the hotels, the restaurants and the activities you do along the way. This can help make the move a little less painful and less stressful for the whole family.

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