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For many, one pet is enough; however, if you are an animal lover then you may choose to keep more than one pet at the same time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but you should let your landlord know before moving in that this is the case. Double the pets means double the responsibility so be sure you know what you are getting into before visiting the pound.

Choosing your Pets

Having two pets can be good for both the animals and for your family as well as useful in meeting new neighbors. Two dogs will keep each other entertained and prevent them from getting bored and destructive during the day. Two pets can also help keep the fighting down between your children – they both have a pet to take care of. You may choose to get two cats, two birds, two dogs or two rabbits or you may choose to switch it up with a cat and a dog, a bird and a cat or any maybe even a cat, a dog, a bird, a rabbit and a goat. As long as you have the okay from your landlord, you can keep as many pets as you can care for.

Keep in mind that while most pets will eventually make room for new animals and accept the situation, some pets are very territorial with their space. Introducing a puppy into a home with an older cat may be problematic and the cat may get grumpy and mean about sharing her space. Bringing a bird into a home with a cat can also cause problems for the cat (and for the bird) if you leave the cage unlocked one day. When bringing home a new animal give your existing pets some time to get used to the situation. Your new pet will most likely be overwhelmed but your older pets will also be feeling uncomfortable for the first little while as well.

Multiple Pet Responsibilities

Having more than one pet means a lot more responsibility and financial expenses. All pets will cost money. Dogs and cats needs vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, food, shelter, leashes, litter boxes and toys while birds and rabbits need cages and food. All pets may get sick or hurt and thus need to be rushed to the vet once and awhile which can cost you thousands of dollars in some instances. You need to be financially ready to take care of your pet in sickness and in health.

Having more than one pet also means having double the amount of cleaning to do. Dog and cat hair will leave a mess on the carpet and furniture which means you may need to vacuum on a daily basis with the new edition to the family. Furthermore, you can also expect double the droppings on the lawn outside and double the litter box smells.

When keeping multiple pets in a rental you need to be sure that you have the space for it. You want everyone to be comfortable, including your pets which means having the space for them to relax and run around if necessary. If you have dogs, then look for a rental house with a larger backyard for them to explore; if you have cats then make sure the outside is locked and safe in case they decide to make an escape. You not only need to find a rental unit that allows pets but also one that is fitting for your pet’s needs. That way everyone, including the landlord and your beloved furry family members, are happy with the situation.

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