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Your street makes a huge difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. Even if you are not trying to sell your house, it is always nice to drive up a street that is neat and tidy. If one of your neighbors lets his lawn grow and doesn't clean up his yard then this can impact the entire street's curb appeal. Asking a neighbor to keep up their lawn is not something that anyone wants to do but it may be necessary if the lawn is getting out of control.

There are several instances where your neighbor may have a good excuse why they cannot maintain the lawn. If they live away then the lawn may grow quite long and dangly until they return. They may not be capable of maintaining the yard or they may not have the money or the resources to buy local products for lawn upkeep. If this is the case, then you may wish to put your good neighbor skills to use and offer to mow the lawn once and a while. This is an especially nice thing to do for an elderly neighbor or a disabled neighbor that cannot maintain the yard on her own.

If you are not willing to do the dirty work for your neighbor and if you know that they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves or hiring someone, then you may want to recommend a lawn mowing company or landscaping company in the area. They will get the hint that you are not impressed and may even take you up on the offer and hire someone.

If you happen to know someone that is into landscaping, present your neighbor with a card and ask your friend to provide them with a 10 percent 'mates rates' discount. This is an added incentive to actually do something about the lawn. Furthermore, it makes you look like the good guy for finding them a discount.

Confronting a Neighbor About Lawn Maintenance

If your neighbor is simply lazy and not keeping up with the lawn then your best bet is to politely ask him to do so. If you and the other neighbors on the block are close, you may want to get together and start a block watch. Mention lawn maintenance at one of your meetings. Do not point out certain people or direct the comment to your lazy neighbor. Just let everyone know that maintaining their lawn is part of respect and good neighborly duties.

You may wish to speak to your neighbor face to face. This can be a scary thing to do. It might be best to wait for a time when you and your neighbor are both outside at the same time. Make small talk and then bring up the lawn. Ask them if they have a lawn mower or other tools. Offer to let them borrow yours or give them a card of a lawn mowing service. All of these subtle hints will get your message across without you sounding like a demanding and overly attentive neighbor.

Asking a neighbor to keep up their lawn is really all you can do in this situation. You cannot go over and do it for them without permission and you cannot 'tell' on them to the council. It is their property and thus they have the right to maintain it the way they want. However, being polite and offering your assistance are two of the best ways to get the result you want when asking your neighbor to keep up their lawn.

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