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Neighborhood block parties are an excellent way to get to know your neighbors, enjoy a few beverages and tasty treats and relax on your day off from work. Many off campus housing neighborhoods will throw an annual block party as a way to get the students or other residents together. If your neighborhood is throwing a block party it is a good idea to have a few fun games to play. These outdoor games offer plenty of fun and can be played with a large amount of people. They are great for both kids and adults and build on important learning skills such as leadership and teamwork. Make your neighborhood block party a hit by suggesting one of these games to wrap up the evening and wear out the kids before bed.

Hiding and Capturing Games

You cannot go wrong with hide and seek. Hide and seek is simple – players hide around the neighborhood while the seeker hunts them out. You can choose to ‘seek’ them by simply pointing out their hiding spot or tagging them. Hide and seek is a great game for block parties as players have a wide range of places to hide, from underneath bushes to up trees, from behind cars to around houses.

Capture the flag is an excellent neighborhood block party game. Capture the flag starts with two teams, each with their own colorful flag (or t-shirt). The object of the game is to capture the opposing team’s flag without getting caught, tagged or called ‘out.’ Split the street into two so that each team has a ‘side.’ You can choose to place your flags in an area where anyone can see it or you can choose to hide it somewhere on your side so that the opposing team has to hunt for it. While on the opposing team’s territory, you run the risk of being tagged out where you will be sent to their ‘prison.’ The team that finds, captures and safely brings the flag back to their own side wins the game.

Fun, Fitness and Friendship

Another good choice for fun and fitness is kick the can which incorporates elements of capture the flag as well as hide and seek. All you need is an empty tin can or pop can. Place the can in an area that is easy to see from the entire street, such as on someone’s driveway. One person will be in charge of blocking the can while the others will hide and try to ‘kick’ the can by sneaking out of their hiding spot and running to the can when it is left unguarded. You can choose to have several people ‘guarding’ the can and several people trying to kick it.

If you happen to have a spare sturdy rope handy another fun game to play is tug-o-war. Split into two teams and tie a flag or t-shirt in the middle of the rope. Place two lines on either side of the rope that act as boundaries. The object of tug-o-war is to pull the opposing team onto your boundary. Each player will grab a hold of the rope and tug, tug, tug, until one team overpowers the other and wins.

All of these games are suitable for most children over the age of 8. If you have younger kids playing you may need to team up and help them. You can adapt any game to suit the person playing it which is one of the reasons these games work so well in neighborhood block party games and settings.

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