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Having a dog in the neighborhood that doesn't get along with your own dog can be a huge problem, especially if they are living right next door to one another and you happen to be close neighborhood friends. Constant barking and your dog going wild over the fence means sleepless nights for both you and your neighbor. So how do you prevent neighborhood dog fights from happening?

Some dogs will simply not like other dogs. Even friendly dogs may have a few breeds or even certain dogs that they just don't like. Other dogs hate all other animals and are not afraid to show it. Often when dogs bark at another dog it is because they are entering their property and they are trying to warn then off. Of course, this can be a huge problem if both dogs are protecting their side of the fence from one another.

Having dogs that fight is a problem for everyone, not just for you and your neighbor. If the dogs are barking all day and all night long then the other neighbors are most likely going to start complaining as well. While you can prevent your dog from barking when you are home, it can be hard to do the same when you are at work.

Often dog owners will leave their pets outside to run around and play while they are at work. If the dog is barking at the fence and the other pups then this means the neighbors that are around will have to listen to it all day long. This is most certainly considered a huge disturbance for them.

Dealing With Dogs That Fight

One option you have is to chain your dog up or crate him far away from the fence. You can ask your neighbor to do the same. Or, take turns. Every second day you might crate your dog up away from the fence and every other day have your neighbor do it. That way both dogs are not cooped up all the time but neither is around to bug the other dog on their day out of the crate.

This may seem harsh but having neighborhood dog fights constantly will be an annoyance for everyone. Another thing you can try is to make them friends. Take them to a dog park together and let them get to know one another away from the fence. This may turn out badly, however, so keep the leashes nearby and always supervise your pets. Speaking to your neighbor about the problem and working together as a team is important when dealing with neighborhood dog fights.

What happens if you are a neighbor that has to listen to these dogs fight on a daily basis? If you stay home during the day and the neighbors are not home they may not even realize their dogs are fighting all day long. It might be a good idea to let them know so they can sort it out. This will also give them an idea of how frustrating it is to listen to dogs barking every day, especially when you are trying to work or soothe a crying infant to sleep.

Some dogs just aren't meant to be friends. When this happens, neighborhood dog fights can occur. There are several ways to go about stopping and preventing fights from happening but it is up to the owners to decide which the best method is. Talk to your neighbor about what can be done and try not to automatically blame their dog for being rude or vicious. It takes two to tango and your dog is just as responsible for being naughty as the other dog.

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