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Having to listen to your neighbors scream and yell at one another is not pleasant, no matter how you look at it. In some instances the fighting can get out of control and it may be scary for you to overhear. If you have children in the house, you also want to protect them from this type of behavior. There is a big difference between the occasional spat from your neighbors and domestic violence. If you are concerned that the latter is taking place, you have the right to do something about it.

Overhearing Domestic Spats

Domestic fights can range from simple spats about moving heavy furniture that get out of hand to domestic assault. Your neighbors may simply be loud and passionate people and your walls may be paper thin. What this means is that you may have to listen to their fights about buying the wrong type of oranges, spending too much time watching television and having to put up with the in-laws for the weekend. It also means you might have to listen to their make-up sessions which can be just as awful and awkward.

If this is the case you may want to talk to your neighbors about the volume. Let them know in a polite manner that the walls are quite thin or that the street is quite narrow and thus you can actually hear their conversations. Ask them if they wouldn't mind keeping it down at night, as you are trying to sleep, to put the kids to bed, etc. They will most likely be more embarrassed than you are and hopefully will try to keep their arguments more contained.

If you are worried about how your neighbor's domestic spats are affecting your children, then this is a big problem. It is important to talk to them about what they have heard. Let them know that the vocabulary, the volume and the whole situation is not acceptable.

In addition to speaking to your neighbors, you may also want to bring it up with your landlord if you are living in an apartment. He will be able to also talk to them and let them know that this behavior is not tolerated. It may result in an eviction if the screaming continues. If the domestic fighters own the property, then there is not much you can do.

Neighborhood Domestic Violence

If the domestic spats get out of hand and you do hear hitting, slapping and other violence, then you have the right to speak out. If you do hear assault taking place then do not go over there. Even confronting the alleged victim at a different time may not be the right thing to do. Your neighbor will probably hide the bruising and will not want to talk about it or admit anything is wrong. It is not your place to fix the problem; there are professionals that do this. You can, however, help your neighbor by reporting the incident to the police. The police can handle the situation from there.

Domestic fights in your neighborhood can make for an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. The entire street may overhear the screaming and crying and this can lead to awkwardness as well as fear in some instances. This is not a place you will want to live and raise a family. Speak to your landlord or the police if the behavior becomes out of hand and avoid any similar spats in your own household. Keep in mind that if you can hear them, they will most likely be able to hear you as well.

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