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Having a neighborhood garage sale is an excellent way to bond with your neighbors, get rid of some old items that you don’t need anymore and make a little bit of money on the side. A neighborhood garage sale is a garage sale at a much larger scale. Everyone on your street, in your complex or in your area, all get together to set up individual (or one large community) sale of all their old items. Neighborhood garage sales tend to attract a much larger group of people and can be a great way to spend the weekend.

Neighborhood Garage Sale Organization

Organizing a neighborhood garage sale can be almost as tricky as organizing neighborhood sports games. While not everyone on your street needs to participate, it is a good idea to find a weekend or a time of the year when at least three or four houses can have a garage sale. Most garage sales are on weekends, usually from around 8am to 2pm; however, you can choose the times you want to open your garage sale. Select a time where everyone is happy, even those that are not participating as there will most likely be a lot of traffic and noise during these hours.

During the warmer months is also the better option when having a neighborhood garage sale. At the start of spring just after your spring cleaning or at the end of summer just before its time to send the kids back to school are two excellent times as you will most likely have a few items (clothes, furniture, toys) that can be sold to make room for new items.

Garage Sale Success

It takes a little bit of planning to set up a successful garage sale. Discuss dates ahead of time with your neighbors and give yourself at least one month to prepare. Hanging posters on the main streets leading to your street, placing an ad in the paper and putting signs up at the local shops are three easy and effective ways to get your garage sale noticed. Speak to your neighbors and delegate these jobs so that everyone helps out with the advertising. Children will love getting together to make the posters and allows for an excellent way to bond with your neighbors.

To set up a garage sale all you need are a few tables, stickers and a pen to mark the prices on the items and old belongings that you no longer need. Popular items for garage sales include clothing, baby items, bicycles, tools, furniture (couches, beds, cabinets), brick-a-brack and toys. Have everyone in your family go through their items and decide what is not used or needed anymore. Your kids may have trouble parting with some of their old toys but explaining to them that it is for a good cause can help. Also, you may also let them keep the money they make on their toys, which is always good incentive to give away that closet full of teddy bears that hardly see the light of day anymore.

While making money is one of the biggest benefits to having a garage sale, it is also nice to know that your old items are helping another family in need and who may not be able to afford a brand new item. In between selling your items, talk to the people and offer friendly and truthful advice about your belongings for sale. Make sure you also take the time to browse through your neighbor’s tables and see what they have on offer as well. You may actually find something you need for a bargain and make a few friends in the process.

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