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Having neighbors that host loud parties all the time can get very old very quick. An occasional celebration is okay but if there are constantly people around every other weekend which results in causing rental home flooding or some other type of damage due to careless behavior, then this can leave you wishing that anyone else would move in next door instead of your current neighbors. It can be hard to bring up this touchy subject and you can't very well ask your overly social neighbors to stop having friends, but you can try to set some boundaries about how often and how loud the parties get.

One of the things you can talk to your neighbor about is the time that the parties go on until. If there is people still dancing, partying and making noise after midnight then you can contact the police. However, give your neighbors the benefit of the doubt by first asking them to set a limit on their parties. 10:00 pm is an appropriate time to shut it down or move on to another location, such as a bar.

In many instances your neighbors will be so embarrassed that they will stop hosting parties. They may not even realize that they were disturbing you. In other instances they may not care and will continue to party well into the night. This can be frustrating but at least you did try your best and speak to them about your concerns.

Handling Loud Neighbors

Another thing you can ask your neighbor is for fair warning that they will be hosting a party. Some people will actually have get together every single weekend. You might come home from a family outing and see a steady stream of vehicles parked up and down the street. Saturday night is party night and unfortunately you have to listen to it.

Ask your neighbors to maybe take turns with some of their other friends. Instead of hosting a party every Saturday night, perhaps they could host it once a month. This is a fair suggestion and one that should be taken seriously if your neighbors are nice. But they probably are not and may continue to play party host well into the night weekend after weekend after weekend.

Another thing you can ask your neighbors that host parties all the time is to keep the party inside the house. This will eliminate the noise a little bit. You can also ask them to keep the music to a minimum and to try to limit the number of people that come. All of these things can help them party quietly so you can actually get a decent night's sleep.

Of course, in many instances, rude neighbors are always going to be rude neighbors. If they own the house then you can try to call the police on them. If they are renting the house then you can speak to their landlord or property manager about it the next time you notice that he comes over. All of these things may seem quite drastic but often partying neighbors won't take your nice requests seriously.

Contacting the police due to neighbors that host loud parties may seem drastic but this is something that might need to be done if this is happening over and over again. You don't have to stand for it and you are not in the wrong. Hopefully a visit from the law will come as a wakeup call. And, if not, you can always try again next week. Eventually they will get the hint and take the party elsewhere.

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