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Let's face it: although it can be fun to have neighbors nearby, most of the time one of drawbacks of apartment living is being in such close proximity with so many people. In larger complexes, you might have a neighbor on either side of you, as well as one above and one below. Living in such close quarters can cause all kinds of trouble in certain circumstances. But having a little bit of restraint and good sense can help you avoid many of the conflicts that befall apartment renters.

Dealing with Noise

Noise disturbance is one of the biggest complaints apartment renters have of one another. The way these dwellings are built, one tenant can sometimes hear the dinner conversation going on next door. It doesn't take a huge amount of volume for neighbors to be able to pick up on noises from the apartments around them. Many apartment dwellers go particularly nuts over music or television they think is being played too loud. When you share a wall with someone, everything you listen to is being broadcast in their living room as well.

To minimize the impact of noise pollution on your neighbors, try turning down the TV or stereo. Definitely do what you can to arrange your apartment so that these items do not have to be set up on walls bordering other apartments. Aim for outside walls if possible to keep the noise as far away as you can, and to avoid making those thin walls vibrate when you turn your equipment on. Nothing bothers a neighbor quite like wall hangings crashing to the ground every time the guy next store flips on his flat screen wall mounted television.

Walking Through the Hallways

Some people are nervous by nature to begin with, so hearing people walking up and down the hallways outside their apartment dwellings tends to drive them crazy. Especially if you have young children, try to keep them under control as you pass through to the parking lot from your door. It might seem like this tiptoeing gets a little ridiculous at times, but avoiding conflict can go a long way toward maintaining friendly relationships with the neighbors.


Parties and loud get togethers are a huge source of angst for those apartment renters who would prefer some peace and quiet. While it is not your fault they chose to rent an apartment instead of some little house out in the woods, it still behooves you to have a little bit of courtesy for those around you. If you are going to be having a party, let your neighbors know in advance. Maybe they can make alternate plans to get out of their home that night. Or maybe they could just come to your place and hang out. The noise of a party never seems as bad from inside the apartment it's being held at. You could promote a stronger friendship with your neighbor, and at the same time avoid having them call the police or complain to apartment management about you.

If You're Neighbor's the Noise Maker

There are, of course, times when the other guy is the one making all the noise. If you have a noisy neighbor and you just don't know what to do about it, try acting with tact to see if there's some way the two of you could work on a peaceable solution. Maybe your neighbor doesn't even know that your dishes rattle every time he turns on his stereo when he gets home from work. Just being open and honest about the situation can help diffuse it most of the time without anyone having to get overly upset.

Packed in Like Sardines

Whatever the situation might be, just remember that your neighbors might have the same thoughts toward you as you have toward them. You are all packed in like sardines in that big apartment complex, and their apartment's walls are just as thin as yours. Even good neighbors tend to annoy each other from time to time with their little quirks. Don't be afraid to talk to each other if something is really bothering you. But don't just complain for the sake of starting a fight. There are those in a special group of renters who only seem to choose to live in a large apartment complex so that they will have more people to complain about. If your neighbor is in this group, good luck to you. (You're going to need it.)

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