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Having a neighbor that you are friendly with comes with several different benefits. Not only is it great to be able to escape the chaos of your own home for a couple of hours and walk back when you are ready but you can also rely on your neighbor for things like watering the plants when you are away or lending you a glass of milk when you have run out. However, it is important that you do not overwhelm your new neighbor when they have first moved in by talking to them constantly about going green, or couponing. Take your time and let your neighbor settle in first when introducing yourself to a new neighbor.

It is always the polite thing to do to introduce you to a new neighbor. In some instances this may be quite natural. If, for example, you share an elevator with your new neighbor carrying a box full of kitchen utensils, then it only makes sense to say hello, introduce yourself and even offer to help carry a couple of items.

However, in some cases a neighbor may unpack and move in up the street without you even noticing it until you see a new vehicle parked in the driveway.

If this is the case you should still make the effort to go over there and say hello. You can drop off a welcoming gift but this is certainly not necessary and, in some instances, may make your neighbor feel obliged to buy you something as well. This is the last thing she needs when dealing with the stress of moving into a new house and trying to get her family settled and sorted.

When to Make the Introduction

Remember what it was like when you first moved in. If you have a family and moved from out of town then you are probably left trying to unpack and decorate the house, trying to get the kids enrolled in school and activities and trying to hook up phone, internet and water all in the same day. Making time to meet the neighbors is not something that will top the priority list.

Choose a time when your neighbor will not be too busy. If she has young kids then you need to think about nap time as you don't want to knock on the door and wake up the little ones. If she has older children then she will probably be picking them up from school and dropping them off around 9 and 3. Furthermore, dinner usually gets started around 5:30 so try to time a visit around these things.

Having a neighbor that you are friendly with is great for a number of reasons. First of all, if she has kids and you do too, then they may become instant playmates. This means you can actually have a break while the kids run around someone else's backyard for a change. It also means you may be able to escape the madness after your kids have fallen asleep and sneak over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine without having to worry about taking a taxi home if you have been drinking.

When introducing yourself to a new neighbor you are opening up the potential for future friendships. A simple "hello my name is... and we live at....." is all you need. Even if you do not become instant friends you may find that you share common interests, such as going on walks, going to the gym or playing board games down the road. Introducing yourself is the first step in the right direction for opening up the lines of communication and friendship.

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