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New student housing comes with a lot of positives. If you are attending school for the first time then you are most likely excited about the prospect of leaving home and getting away from Mom and Dad. You are away from your family; you are surrounded by other students in your same position; and you can enjoy the freedom and responsibility that comes with living alone. However, with new student housing, there are several other hazards to consider. One way to protect your contents when investing into new student housing is by also looking into renters insurance.

New Student Housing Considerations

If you are a new student and looking for either on campus or off campus housing, then you need to consider a number of different things. It is important to always do your research and know the pros, cons and hazards to any community college housing unit. One of the things to consider is how many other students do you want to live with. New student housing comes in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a two bedroom townhouse off campus to share with a fellow freshman or are you looking into a shared condominium or a dorm room on campus where you are constantly surrounded by fellow college goers?

Another thing to consider is where you are located. If you are on campus, then you are most likely only a walk away from the library, from your classes and from the college facilities. However, where are you in relation to the grocery store and other important things? If you are living off campus in a condo or apartment, then how close are you to the school, to the stores, to the Laundromat and to the bus stops? These are important things to consider when shopping around for housing for students.

You also need to consider the various hazards that come with living alone (or without Mom and Dad). If you are living in any type of complex, from a dorm room or a loft, then you need to consider the various hazards that come with communal living. There are much more risks of fires, electrical damage, water damage, theft and vandalism simply because there are more people living in the same building. Furthermore, many new students will bring hot plates, hair straighteners, cell phone chargers and plenty of other gadgets with them which can bring plenty of electrical hazards as well.

Cheap Student Renters Insurance

One way to protect yourself from any new student housing dangers is with renters insurance. With renters insurance, you can protect your contents, your student housing, yourself and your financial situation from any natural disasters or accidents. Renters insurance comes in three different options - contents coverage, loss of use coverage and physical liability coverage. Contents insurance will pay to replace or repair objects such as jewelry, clothing, computers, textbooks, paintings, area rugs, furniture, and electronics and other moveable items (or contents) in your cheap student housing unit. Loss of use coverage will pay for any expenses incurred if your home is made unlivable including moving fees as well as alternative accommodation. Physical liability protection takes care of the medical and legal fees incurred if someone is seriously injured in the student housing that you are renting. If you throw a lot of house parties or gatherings, then this is an excellent option to consider.

Compare New Student Housing Insurance

No freshman can afford the extra costs that can come with having to replace your entire condo's contents and find a new place to live all the while attending school, writing essays and studying for the constant stream of exams. College life is stressful enough as is. Furthermore, most new students are on a tight budget already. In many instances, new students will not have any income coming in which means they will need to already have a budget set up for the tuition fees, college fees, textbooks, groceries, monthly rent and all the other expenses that come with living away from home. If you are struck with a disaster and uninsured, you will need to find this money to replace your items from somewhere - if you do not want to rely on Mom and Dad (yet again) and be in debt to them until you are a senior citizen, then freshman renters insurance is an excellent and affordable alternative.

When you are searching for new student housing online, it pays to also do a quick search of new student housing renters insurance. Five minutes is all it takes to compare the providers and purchase a comprehensive policy at an affordable premium. Just because you are a new student does not mean you should risk your financial future - plan ahead with renters insurance catered to students.