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North Carolina cleaning services can make a rental unit look and smell fresh again, even if the former tenants left the apartment in a mess. Whether you're a NC landlord seeking quotes from reliable services or a renter who needs help cleaning an apartment before a move, you'll find the assistance you need through North Carolina cleaning services. In Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Charlotte or Durham, professional services can restore a home to a clean, comfortable condition.

From its private colleges and universities to its public institutions of higher education, NC is home to some of the most prestigious schools in the country. The University of North Carolina, Duke University and Winston-Salem State University are among the many institutions that draw students from around the world. Although higher education contributes to the economy of NC, it also creates a lot of work for landlords after college students evacuate their apartments and dorms. Fortunately, North Carolina cleaning services specialize in heavy duty cleaning.

Removing Cigarette Odors

After the Civil War, the tobacco industry dominated the economy in North Carolina. Today, public awareness of the health risks of smoking has made this product less popular, and many renters can't tolerate the odor of cigarette smoke in an apartment or rented house. Tobacco smoke can trigger respiratory allergies, and some individuals are so sensitive to the smell that they can't live in a house that was occupied by a smoker. Even regular cigarette smokers often dislike the odor of smoke in their rooms.

When a heavy smoker occupies a North Carolina dwelling, the smell of cigarette smoke can permeate the entire structure and all of its fixtures. Walls and carpets may become discolored, in addition to taking on the unmistakable odor of smoke. Air fresheners and deodorizing sprays or powders often simply mask the smell rather than removing the particles that cause the odor. North Carolina cleaning services have access to products that can remove the odor of cigarette smoke from carpets, curtains, closets and woodwork.

Professional services will carefully wash the walls in a North Carolina home to remove the smell of smoke. Washing walls with professional strength products may restore the original color of the paint or wallpaper as well as minimizing the odor. Old fashioned home cleaning products, like ammonia or vinegar, are sometimes as effective as more costly, professional products. Experienced cleaning services make use of traditional and modern methods alike to make North Carolina homes as fresh as they can be.

Carpets and drapes can take on the odors of smoke, as well. While commercial carpet cleaning powders may be effective for lighter odors, heavier smells may require heavy duty equipment or professional carpet services. Fabric window treatments may need to be professionally cleaned to restore them to their original condition. If the scent of smoke can't be removed from the walls, your North Carolina apartment may require repainting before a new tenant moves in.

Windows and Blinds

Sparkling windows and immaculate window treatments are among the first things that many new tenants notice when they walk into an apartment that's been cleaned by North Carolina cleaning services. Many of the top cleaners include windows and blinds among their services. With an ammonia-based cleanser and a squeegee, cleansing windows is fast, easy and efficient. A damp cloth or scrubbing wand can be used to loosen dirt on the exterior or interior of the glass, then the squeegee can be applied to remove excess water and prevent streaking.

North Carolina cleaning services know how important it is to have clean glass throughout a home. Rubbing alcohol may be applied to glass if it's been discolored by smoke or other residue. Blinds and drapes can collect dust as well as attracting odors. Horizontal blinds can be dusted with a traditional feather duster or wiped down with a fabric softening sheet to remove dust particles. North Carolina cleaning services can arrange to have drapes or blinds professionally cleaned by an outside service if dusting or deodorizing aren't effective.

When you're comparing quotes from different providers in your community, inquire about restrictions on windows. While many North Carolina cleaning services will clean the interior of your windows at no extra charge, companies often charge an additional fee for exterior cleaning. If drapes or blinds must be dry cleaned, this service will require an additional fee.

Hiring North Carolina cleaning services can make a big difference in the way you feel about your relocation. If you're moving to an unfamiliar city, you'll feel more at home if you walk into a sparkling, fresh smelling apartment on your first day in your new location. Use the internet to your advantage to quickly compare quotes from several companies as you go through your renters policy checklist and find the help you need at affordable rates.

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