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While many people are content to stay in dorms and any other on campus housing that is provided, a good number of people still like to have the freedom of living in an apartment, condo, or house off campus. Often overlooked when moving into these types of situations is the need for off campus housing renters insurance.

No one knows when a theft, burglary, or act of vandalism may occur to a place you are renting. That is why it is important to have some kind of protection for any valuables you might have in an off campus abode. Some would be surprised at how inexpensive this type of insurance can be. You can get free quotes online simply by using our service at

Off campus housing renters insurance rates may be obtained for around .50 cents a day or less per month depending on your location. Typically college students these days have more electronic equipment than what was found in their apartment a couple of decades ago. TV's, stereos, laptop and desktop computers, MP3 players, and other electrical equipment can be wiped out or destroyed in the event of even one break in. Jewelry, clothing, and other personal items could also be part of the theft or vandalism. Think about how much it would cost to replace any or all of these items. Instead of losing thousands of dollars of valuable items that you would need to replace on your own, renters insurance will pick up the cost of these items so you can replace them without having to use your own money.

Most college students, and other renters in general, just assume that if their landlord is covered for any losses that they will be covered as well. What they fail to realize, however, is that the landlord's insurance will not cover any of their own personal goods. While the landlord may be able to put in a claim to fix the property or recover money for any of his assets that may have been plundered, any of your personal belongings will not be considered replaceable under the landlord's insurance policy.

For free apartment renters insurance quotes and to get the protection you need, you can request multiple quotes with our free service. Don't forget to speak to an agent about the policy once you find a company who has provided a quote that interests you. When speaking with the agent be sure that the following items below are included in your off campus housing renters insurance policy.

1. You need a policy that will cover the belongings of the student not only in their apartment but anywhere they go. Your personal property should be covered whether it has been sent to storage, is stolen from your car, or you are away visiting relatives.

2. It's always good to go over what kind of replacement coverage you have. Whether the loss occurs from smoke damage, vandalism, plumbing, or any other occurrence you need to know that the property will be fully covered and able to be replaced should you ever need to report a claim. The thing to keep in mind with this replacement coverage is the possibility of needing flood insurance. This is normally not a recoverable occurrence under a normal renters policy, so if you are in a flood area and there is a chance your property could be damaged in this manner you will want to discuss flood coverage with your agent as well.

3. You will likely have liability insurance included in the off campus housing renters insurance, but be sure of this when talking to your agent. With the way parties occur in a college atmosphere it is not uncommon for someone to sustain an injury while attending your event. Liability insurance will cover your expenses in the event someone sues you or has a medical claim against you for something that occurred at your off campus dwelling.

4. The last thing you will want to discuss with your agent is the temporary and/or additional expenses coverage. If something happens to the place you are renting and you need to find a temporary place to reside until things are fixed, this coverage will allow any expenses in relation to that to be reimbursed. This is also pertinent coverage if there is a high quantity of thefts taking place at your particular property.

As you can see, for any college student living off campus this type of insurance can be very important. Off campus housing renters insurance is pretty cheap, especially compared to what you may have to fork out if you don't have any insurance to cover your losses. Again, you can get free quotes from various off campus housing renters insurance companies by contacting Don't think that these types of things can't happen to you. Get a free quote today and get your coverage started so even if you do become a victim at least you won't also have to bear the burden of replacing your own things with your own money.