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Ohio renters insurance provides both property and liability policies tailored to the needs of home renters. Although many renters from student to senior citizen age throughout Ohio do not carry this insurance (and quite a few don't even know it exists), it is an excellent value because of the protection it provides at a very reasonable premium. Policy holders enjoy many benefits when they carry Ohio renters insurance plans. The level of protection offered can give family members a tremendous return on investment, particularly when claim situations arise.

Ohio renters insurance has several components, each of which offers a different area of protection for Ohio residents. Most policies contain personal property and personal liability protection. Property protection safeguards the possessions in your house or apartment against damage or destruction from fire, theft or other named loss. If water pipes in your condo have a leak causing damage to your personal possessions, for example, you can file a claim. You can set your personal property protection coverage to different coverage levels depending on how much you own. The  limit you set will affect the price of the policy and the limits of what you can claim should a loss occur.

Aside from insuring the possessions in your condominium or townhouse, personal property protection can also insure possessions you take with you while you're away. If you are traveling on business and your computer is stolen from your rented loft, for example, your Ohio renters insurance can cover the cost of replacing the stolen item. If you travel a lot and own commonly stolen goods such as computers, bikes or jewelry, this is an area of renter's insurance coverage you should really look into.

Personal liability is another area covered by Ohio renters insurance. If a non-resident visitor to your home becomes injured while on your rental premises, your insurance will cover your liability. Medical coverage for others can be a part of your personal liability coverage. Some people do not realize that your personal liability can also cover you when you are deemed responsible for an injury or damage to someone else's property while you are away from home. Your Ohio renters insurance policy does a lot more than protect your possessions from fire or theft.

Optional Coverage Available on Renters Insurance

An Ohio renters plan can also include optional policy features. One of them is a personal articles policy which offers worldwide protection for your possessions. Another available option is a personal liability umbrella policy which provides coverage in many situations not covered by basic insurance. Identity restoration coverage is also available, which covers you in the event of identity theft.

Identity restoration protection provides reimbursement up to a maximum policy amount for expenses incurred due to identity theft. Examples of such expenses include the cost of obtaining credit reports, the cost of reapplying for loans or other lines of credit, and various other related fees. Each of these optional forms of coverage will add to the cost of an Ohio renters insurance policy, but each is worth considering and at least getting a price quote on when you shop for renters coverage.

What's Covered by Ohio Renters Insurance?

Ohio residents who choose this type of policy are protected from damage stemming from things like theft, fire and smoke, vandalism, leaky water pipes, broken glass, automobiles hitting the rental dwelling, and certain types of electrical surges. Be sure to check the language of your individual policy to see specifics on what is covered and what is excluded. Flood damage is not covered by basic Ohio renters insurance, although you may be able to get a flood policy from your provider.

How Much Does Ohio Renters Insurance Cost?

The cost of an Ohio renters insurance policy will vary substantially based on a number of factors. Each policy is different, and policy premiums will reflect the coverage choices made by policy holders. Basic coverage is very affordable, generally speaking; adding optional elements such as identity restoration coverage can add to costs, and the overall price tag should certainly be factored into your coverage choices.

According to National Association of Insurance Commissioners statistics, the average cost of a personal property insurance policy in Ohio amounts to less than fourteen dollars a month [1]. This figure is only a baseline and there is no guarantee that your coverage will be this inexpensive. However, it does illustrate the affordability of Ohio renters insurance in general.

Aside from differences in types and levels of coverage, many factors can drive the price of your coverage in either direction. For example, just changing the deductible levels of your policy will change the policy premium. Your personal property protection can have coverage based on actual cash value (ACV) of your belongings or full replacement value. ACV coverage bases reimbursement on depreciated value, while full replacement coverage pays out based on the purchase cost of a similar new item. Full replacement protection is obviously superior, but choosing it over actual cash value basis coverage will increase the price of your Ohio renters insurance.

Where to Look for Ohio Renters Coverage

In Ohio, most insurance agencies offer affordable renters insurance. If you contract your life or auto coverage through an agency, you might want to look into working with them for this type of coverage as well. As many consumers already know, you can get multi-policy discounts from providers, which can result in savings on both policies. It is extremely worthwhile to look into this type of policy discount.

Another easy and fast way to shop for and purchase coverage is online. Working online, you are highly likely to find an Ohio renters insurance policy that combines the elements of protection and affordability you are looking for. What's more, shopping online can save you additional money by allowing you to forego paying a salesperson's commission on a policy. Online shopping is quick and convenient. On this site, you can solicit multiple free quotes by entering your zip code and following the prompts. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Shop online to compare coverage, check on differences in rates, and price out different deductible levels. When you are ready to purchase a policy for coverage in Ohio, you can do that as well. Going online makes the whole process very simple and speedy.

As an Ohio resident shopping for renters insurance, you have a right to expect a fair deal on a policy that gives you the protection you need. To ensure that you end up with a policy reflecting your desires and expectations and not a company's sales strategy, plan ahead to figure out exactly what types and levels of protection you want. You can visit providers' corporate websites to read more in detail about each type of policy they offer, which will give you a better idea of which options best match up with your particular set of circumstances.

A well-conceived Ohio renters insurance policy will give you the safety and security you need as a stopgap against financial loss in the event of property damage or a liability claim. Shop for a plan today and shelter yourself and your possessions.

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[1] Retrieved 2009-10-26.

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