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Olde Towne East renters insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects Columbus renters against costly damage claims. When you take possession of an Ohio rental property you are responsible for turning that property back over to the owner in good condition. If a fire happens as a result of your negligence, you could be sued for damages. Your Columbus property manager or landlord might just insist that you purchase Olde Towne East renters insurance. They could require you to purchase a specific amount of Columbus renters liability coverage to comply with your lease. In addition, you can opt to add contents insurance and flood coverage.

The beauty of Olde Towne East renters insurance with most providers is you can customize a policy to fit your specific needs. If you want just liability coverage then you can find it. If you want to add contents coverage to protect your belongings, then you choose the amount you can afford. If you are living in an older Columbus unit, contents insurance is probably a good idea. You don't know how old the plumbing is and a flood from another unit could destroy your stuff. This kind of Olde Towne East renters insurance will ensure you can start over.

How Much Coverage to Get

Deciding how much contents coverage to get on your Ohio rental insurance quote depends on your specific Olde Towne East rental property and your unique situation. Let's say, for example, that you are an avid electronics nut. You could have over five thousand dollars in electronics in your OH home at a given time. A couple of TVs, your Ipod, a laptop, and assorted other gadgets and equipment. Some of that stuff might not even be paid off yet. With Olde Towne East renters insurance you would be reimbursed if those items were damaged.

Taking an inventory of your belongings is the best way to estimate how much coverage you would need to start over. As you pack up to move keep a running list in your head of the approximate value of your items. When you begin to shop for Olde Towne renters insurance you can play around with some coverage amounts to find a good price you can afford. If you are required to have $100,000 in liability coverage then adding another $10,000 in contents insurance will not make a huge difference in your premiums.

Whether you get additional renters coverage for flood damage depends on your situation. Speak to your Olde Towne East landlord about that and check with an Olde Towne East renters insurance agent to discuss the possible scenarios that would require it. Olde Towne East renters, and renters all over Ohio need to have this valuable coverage. When you combine this with time-tested rental advice for Olde Towne East renters, you can ensure you have a good rental experience. What advice will serve you best?

Tried and Tested Renter Advice

As a renter in Olde Towne East you have many good rental options to choose from. The first piece of advice to consider is to only rent what you absolutely need. If you are in need of extra storage space it might make more sense to store your items in an OH storage facility versus renting a larger Olde Towne East property and paying to heat and cool the place. Off site storage can be much more economical and you don't have to pay Olde Towne East renters insurance on it.

Getting absolutely everything in writing is one of the best ways to ensure your rental experience is a positive one. Email is a great way to communicate with your landlord so you both have a copy of everything. If, for instance, you were to file a claim on your Olde Towne East renters insurance because of a fire in your rental home, communicating by email with both the insurance provider and the landlord makes certain everyone knows what is going on. If you need a repair in your OH rental, sending an email with a return receipt requested can prove that you notified the landlord. Most everything of importance should be in writing with copies made in case you find yourself in litigation.

Another great tip for Ohio families that rent is to photograph everything. When you move in and move out, you have to take pictures of any damage. If you move in and there is a stain on the carpet, photograph and document it. Let the landlord know. When you move out, you have the right to get your security deposit back and that will help in a dispute. When you combine Olde Towne East renters insurance with the right advice you can be sure that you get your deposits back and have a good rental history with your landlord. Everybody wins.