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If you are making the great trek to college this year and taking up residence on campus then you are probably feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. This may be the first time you have lived away from your parents and might not know what to expect from your rental accommodation. Most on campus housing units are called dorms and include one bedroom to four bedroom units. Most dorm rooms are fairly basic and consist of a bed, a desk and a closet per student. Your room may have a few other features such as a vanity table, a bedside table and a small fridge but it will lack several items that you may have expected after living with your Mom and Dad. This is all part of the fun of living on campus.

Dorm Room Life

Living on campus means that you will be sharing your living space with a number of other students. You may not have shared a room with someone since you and your brother were young children so it might take some time to get used to hearing the sounds of someone snoring beside you or waking up to someone getting dressed and ready for the day only five feet away.

One of the good things about living on campus is that there are plenty of communal spaces to share. You are not confined to your room at all hours of the day. Every dorm will usually include a kitchen and living room with plenty of couches to relax on. Many students will use their dorm rooms for two main things – getting ready for the day and sleeping. You may find that you study better in a more quiet area such as a library and you will most likely be eating your meals at the cafeteria and socializing at the many recreational facilities and common areas provided to students living on campus.

On Campus Roommate Survival Guide

Whether you and your on campus roommate are the best of friends or whether you simply tolerate one another because you have to, it is important to set up a few ‘ground’ rules when living with an on campus roommate. Take advantage of the very little personal space you are given – your desk is your desk; your closet is your closet; do not share these areas. be sure to discuss whether or not you will allow small pets in the aparment, if they are permitted. You will be grateful to have this very small amount of personal space.

Try to find a routine that works for both of your schedules. If your classes are all early and you tend to go to bed at 10:00pm every night, this does not mean you roommate has to do the same thing; it does, however, mean he should avoid bringing people over past 10:00pm or doing loud activities. Alternatively, if your roommate enjoys sleeping in until 11:00am every morning, then avoid cranking the music as part of your morning ‘wake up’ routine.

There will always come a time in the year when you and your roommate will get on one another’s nerves. This usually happens around midterms or final exams when your stress levels are through the roof. The best way to handle these near-breakdowns is to find an area outside of your dorm room where you can relax, whether it is the library, under a tree, at the college bar or in the cafeteria. Everyone needs to unwind once a while and be alone – when space is limited, like in a dorm room, the best way for you to keep your cool is to take a time out away from all the excitement that comes with on campus roommates and campus living.

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