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Oregon moving services provide accurate estimates about the cost of their services, so you won't have any hidden surprises when it's time to pay the final bill. Similar to Oregon renter insurance policies, most moving services require payment at the start of your relocation, before any of the work has begun. When you compare quotes from Oregon moving services, clarify how much of the total cost you must pay up front, and how much you will owe at the end of the relocation.

Moving to the state of Oregon can be an exciting experience. If you enjoy outdoor recreation, you'll love the state's combination of mountains, ocean views, water falls and lush green forests. Oregon is a paradise for hikers, campers and nature lovers. From Crater Lake National Park to Mount Hood, you'll find a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in OR. Whether you're moving to Portland, Eugene, Salem or Beaverton, you'll have access to some of the most beautiful natural features in the country.

Efficient Packing in Oregon

Although many renters dread the heavy lifting involved with moving, packing can actually be more time consuming and problematic, especially if you're renting a large house or condominium. The top Oregon moving services offer packing services for clients who need to devote their time to completing final projects at work, making arrangements in their new community and setting up phone, internet and utilities at their new location. When you hire professional OR packers, you know your belongings will be packed and labeled efficiently and securely.

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, check with your moving service to make sure your valuables will be covered if they are damaged during relocation. Like many Oregon cleaning service agreements and under some moving insurance policies, your possessions are covered only if they were packed by professional Oregon moving services. Most services only offer the basic valuation coverage included in their state bond unless you extend your protection with additional relocation insurance.

Packing efficiently comes naturally to some renters, but others prefer to leave this job to Oregon professionals. The process of packing your belongings is easier if you pack the items in one room at a time instead of having open boxes strewn throughout the house. Isolate the boxes that contain the important utensils, clothes, documents and supplies that you can't function without, and mark them with special labels that indicate their importance. Enlist the help of Oregon moving services if the job becomes overwhelming.

If you're packing computers, fax machines, printers or other electronic equipment, pack them with all of their peripheral devices, adaptors and cables. Oregon moving services recommend that you keep these items together, so that you can assemble them more quickly when you arrive at your destination. This step is especially important if you have a home office and you happen to be in the middle of an important project in the midst of your relocation. Keep all of your work documents in order in file boxes, so they can be quickly refiled in your cabinets.

You can reduce the cost of packing materials by using blankets, pillows, towels or sheets to protect fragile items. Line the boxes that you're using for your inexpensive plates, glasses or cosmetic supplies with bedding. Save the expensive packing foam, inflatable bags or peanuts for valuable heirlooms or electronic devices that would be costly to replace. When you arrive at your new Oregon home, you'll find that your breakable keepsakes, ornaments and mirrors are intact if you invest in reinforced, corrugated cardboard boxes and inflatable bags.

Organizing an OR Yard Sale

As you pack, try to set aside any of your personal belongings that you no longer need. When you start your new life in Oregon, you'll probably be buying new furniture, accessories and supplies to fill your apartment or condo. As soon as you find out that you're relocating, you can begin going through your garage, shed, attic or storage closet to weed out items for a yard sale. The proceeds from the yard sale will help you pay for Oregon moving services and other costs of relocation.

Schedule the yard sale as close as possible to your move date, so that you'll have time to go through all of your belongings before the sale. When you hire Oregon moving services, you have more time for yard sales and other useful tasks that you might otherwise bypass. Professional services make the daunting task of relocation easier and more productive. Anything that you don't sell at your yard sale can be donated to your favorite thrift stores. Don't forget that these donations are tax deductible.

Relocation doesn't have to be an exhausting experience. You'll be grateful for the help of professional Oregon moving services when you've arrived safely at your destination with energy to spare. Compare quotes from multiple services as if you were looking for a new landlord insurance policy to find a qualified team that offers affordable rates.

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