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Orem renters insurance is a must if you are a renter. Although not required by law, you want to be protected because you are provided with a much needed form of protection. You never know when something may occur that will render your Orem home unlivable. If you are not insured, then you will have to fit the bill for your living expenses, replacing your items, and so much more.

But what if you are liable for the damages that led to the destruction of your UT home? Well, if you are, then you are covered in that instance too. You certainly don't want to have to fit the bill for the damage done to your home. The landlord has the right to pursue a tenant for damage if it goes beyond wear and tear. Keep in mind, however, that your Utah renters insurance doesn't cover any damages that you intentionally inflict upon the property. If you put a hole in a wall, you cannot make that claim on your policy in Orem.

What your Orem renters insurance covers in terms of liability is if you were to accidentally start a fire. If there are others within the structure where you live, you do want to ensure you have enough liability coverage in case you are sought for an extreme amount of damages. Nevertheless, when something occurs, your living expenses can be covered.

Living Expenses

If your home is deemed unlivable due to burst pipes or fire or any other reason that is covered by your Orem renters insurance, your additional living expenses will be covered by that renters apartment insurance. What this means is that you will be provided with the funds that are needed for you to live somewhere else. This can include another Utah apartment or house in Orem that is in the same price range as the one that you had to leave due to the damage.

Typically, the additional living expenses part of your policy does not include the total amount of your policy, but does cover a reasonable percentage of the amount. For instance, you may be insured for $150,000. If your living expenses coverage on your Orem renters insurance policy is 40%, then you have an allowance of $60,000 to cover your living expenses as you find another apartment in Orem and get back on your feet. The amount that you get relies entirely on the particular UT renters insurance policy you have.

It is important to ensure you have a coverage amount that will cover your living expenses in Orem. If you don't have enough, you could find yourself trying to make ends meet during a very difficult time. That's something that no one wants to have to contend with, especially if they have just survived a fire or another type of catastrophe.


There are some additional benefits to your Orem renters insurance that you may not know about. It is ideal to ask the renters insurance company in Orem what your various options are and what provisions may be include. For example, you may have a waterbed that bursts and the water leaks into the apartment below yours. When that occurs, you are protected. If the individual seeks damages from you, your Orem renters insurance will cover those damages.

You can never be too cautious, so it is ideal to know what provisions come standard and which are optional. For instance, liability coverage comes standard. If you were to mop your floor in your apartment and someone walks into your kitchen, slips, falls, and they are severely injured, you can cover the legal claim that they file to cover their medical expenses. You do, however, have to make sure you have an Orem renters insurance policy that can and will cover as must as possible, if not the whole amount.

Although you cannot predict what damages may come your way and in what amounts, you can make an educated guess on your renters insurance. If you are not satisfied with the premium, you can obtain quotes on other policies and see what they have so that you can compare costs and features. Otherwise you can raise your deductible on your Orem renters insurance because paying a higher deductible may be much better than trying to pay someone's medical expenses out-of-pocket.

When you have the right Orem renters insurance policy for you, you are going to be able to pay an affordable premium for the most amount of coverage. It is important that your renters insurance fits you like a glove. You are a unique person with unique circumstances, so it is important that you can customize your policy to have within it what you want it to have. That way when an incident occurs, you are covered without having to suffer financially.