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A book shelf can hold more than just books. Photo albums, personalized items, scrapbooks, toys, knick knacks and souvenirs all look lovely on display in a book shelf. When you are organizing your book shelf, think about all the different things you want to put on display. You don't just have to stick to books.

Storing Books, Toys and More

If you do have a stack of books to organize and store, then you may wish to organize them in a way that is neat and tidy. You may want to put all the books by the same author together or, if you have a lot of random titles, you may want to sort them from the tallest to the smallest. Another option is to color code the books or to go alphabetically. This makes it much easier to keep your book shelf organized when you are taking books in and out to read.

Book shelves can be great to store kid's items. Just make sure the toys are low enough on the shelves so that your kids can easily access them. Furthermore, make sure the shelves are sturdy and securely in place just in case your children try to climb it. Teach them that this is not allowed and don't put any items on the higher shelves that may tempt them, such as fun toys or colorful knick knacks that are irresistible to little hands and curious heads.

You may also want to make a display of some of your favorite items. For example, on one shelf you may want to add a few photo albums of friends or family members. Display various sizes of photo frames with larger ones in the back. Or, use half of the book shelf for books with a lovely book end in place and display a photo of your family on the other side. This creates a lovely dynamic for your book shelf.

You can also use your bookshelf to display a common theme of items or knick knacks. For example, let's say you took a trip to South America this year. You may want to display some of the souvenirs you bought there, such as a colorful plate or a salt and pepper shaker. Top it off placing your photo album as well as one of your favorite photos in a frame on the same shelf. This is a great way to showcase your trip. You can change the theme as often as you wish.

Keeping Your Shelf Tidy

It can be quite easy for a book shelf to look cluttered and disorganized. Furthermore, you may notice that your bookcase collects dust quite fast. This is why it is a good idea to spend a few minutes every couple of months reorganizing your book shelf. You may want to sell or donate some of the books that you will never read again and don't want to keep. You may want to update your photos and you may want to take a trip down memory lane by taking out the albums and looking through them in between dusting and organizing.

Organizing a book shelf is a very personal thing. You can choose what items to showcase or what items to store on the bottom shelf. Take your time when choosing your items and don't simply stack your books up in any random order. This will end up looking untidy and disorganized which is the opposite effect to what you should be trying for. Take advantage of this handy storage unit that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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