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Halloween is a fun filled family event for everyone involved. Whether you are handing out candy or doing the trick or treating, there are a number of things you need to prepare for. Furthermore, if you are planning on hosting any type of Halloween party celebration, then it is a good idea to give yourself a couple of weeks to do all the organizing and decorating for the best Halloween bash ever.

Costumes and Halloween Decorations

You cannot have a Halloween party without costumes. In fact, this is your one chance during the year to dress as silly as you like. Take advantage of it by exploring various costume ideas for singles, for couples and for families.

You can stick to something traditional such as a witch or a devil or go with something funny such as a giant crayon or a character from a television series. There is an endless supply of costume ideas in shops and online. Plan accordingly to give yourself time to either make your costume or have it ordered in. Add another element of fun by acting like your chosen character all night as well.

Once you have the costumes in place it's time to do some decorating. Most Halloween themed parties stick to the scary theme such as ghosts, witches, spooky music and monsters. Of course, you can choose to go as scary as you'd like. Look into making a mixed CD of classic Halloween and scary songs complete with Thriller and the Monster Mass.

You can use items such as black garbage bags and construction paper to make witches, orange garbage bags painted with black marker for pumpkins and white linen draped in the corners as ghosts. You can also use foam to make spiders webs and orange and black construction paper for other Halloween decorations. You can also find Halloween decorations at any novelty shop but these items can get expensive, especially the battery operated toys. You may also be able to find more affordable craft options for decorating for a Halloween party online. Get creative and stick to orange and black, the traditional colors for this spooky night.

Trick, Treats and Halloween Games

When it comes to the food for your Halloween party it is a good idea to stick to orange and black as well. Chocolate brownies, Halloween shaped cookies, pumpkin quiche, carrot muffins, black and orange jelly beans and anything else that sticks to these colors will make great nibbles for your party. You can also look into punch and alcoholic beverages that stick to the orange and black theme by searching online.

Now what about the entertainment? Halloween parties are filled with lots of old fashioned games. Make sure you have a costume parade as well as a contest for the best costume. You can also bob for apples or play any type of mystery Who Done It game which is always a fun time for kids and adults. Other Halloween inspired games include the candy toss (the ring toss with candy), pin the hat on the witch (pin the tail on the donkey) and pumpkin Pictionary or charades (Halloween inspired ideas). You can make any party game a perfect Halloween game with a little creativity.

Organizing a Halloween party can be a fun way to get into the ghostly spirit and to bring your friends and family together for one night of spooky fun. Find the time to prepare the food, the drinks, the decorations, the entertainment and most importantly, the costumes! Stay in character throughout the night and enjoy the craziness that often accompanies Halloween night.

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