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Almost all houses and apartments have one - the main hallway closet. This is where you will keep all sorts of items that you want out of sight and out of mind such as cleaning supplies and products for bathing your pet. It can be quite easy for your main hallway closet to become cluttered in a hurry. Take these steps to organize your main closet in your hallway so that you can actually use it and benefit from this storage area.

There are several different types of hallway closets. Sliding doors are quite common and offer a great way to utilize this space but keep it closed off from visitors. However, there are also smaller closets with standard doors that may only contain a few shelves and a small space to store a mop or vacuum. Whatever you are working with, make it count with these simple storage solutions.

Storage Tips for Hallway Closets

The first thing you need to do is decide what will go in your closet and what will not. Take out all the items that are currently trapped behind the doors and lay them out. Some items, such as extra old pillows, can be thrown out. Other items, such as your old college text books and the shoes you never wear can be donated or sold. Other items, such as that pile of celebrity magazines from three years ago, can be recycled. Then there will be the items that you want to keep.

Have a place for all of your items. For example, if you have shelving systems in place you may wish to make one shelf for cleaning products, one shelf for linen and towels and so forth. If you want you can use a labeling system so that you know where all the items go. This can make it much easier to access the things you need without having to search all around the house.

You can also look into storage boxes which can easily contain smaller items. For example, you may wish to place all your summer clothes in a storage bin in your main closet during the winter months to free up space in your closet. Then, then summer comes, you can switch and place your winter outfits in the storage bin for a much easier way to stay organized throughout the seasons.

Keeping Your Items Organized

Another thing you may benefit from when it comes your hallway closet is a small filing system. You can purchase portable filing systems where you can keep track of all your important documents. You may find that when you do get a bill, a receipt or a warranty from a product you automatically shove it into the closet and then basically never see it again. With a portable filing system you can easily store all your important documents and items in a stress free way. Place the filing cabinet on one of the drawers and add items to it when you need to.

Your mission is to keep your main hallway closet as clean as possible which means that when you buy a new item, you don't automatically stuff it into your hallway closet. This is where the problems start. Think about what items will be stored in your hallway closet and what items will not - mops, brooms, vacuums, towels, linen, pillows, books, toys, shoes, luggage, jackets, cleaning products - all of these items are quite common for the main hallway closet. Find a spot for these items and stick to it for the best way at organizing your main closet successfully.

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