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Ahh... is there anything better than a nice new kitchen? How about one that is organized as well? When all your appliances work, when all your dishes have a spot and when your fridge and pantry look spotless it can make cooking and tidying up a treat. Give your new kitchen an organizational makeover that will leave you feeling relaxed in your domestic domain.

Organizing a new kitchen starts with some big purchases. You will need several different containers and you may want to invest in labels as well. Determine where you want your food to go. Many people will put rolled oats, sugar, flour, raisins, cereal, pasta and other items in containers to keep them fresh and ant free.

Kitchen Storage Organization

Look for special organizational items that will help keep things nice and tidy, just like your outside pool arrangement. A spice rack, for example, can make finding the right spice much easier while tea, coffee and sugar containers make it much easier to enjoy a cup in the morning. Fruit bowls, bread boxes, salt and pepper shakers and oil holders can make it much easier to season, saute and snack whenever you want.

You may wish to have one shelf in your pantry for different items. For example, perhaps the top shelf will be for cereals and breakfast foods, the middle shelf for spreads and spices and the bottom shelf for snacks and baking supplies. Labeling each shelf will make it easier for the other members in your household and guests to know where to place things if they are helping tidy up.

You should also choose different drawers to hold different items. Most kitchens will come with several cupboards and drawers. Have one drawer for cutlery and one for cookery. Place your pots and pans in the same shelf and have a separate shelf for plates, cups and dishes. Again, using a labeler will help ensure that your kids get it right when unloading the dishwasher.

Maintaining your Tidy Kitchen

Regular cleaning is also part of kitchen organization. At least once a week take some time to clean up your kitchen. Take out the items in the fridge and give the items a wash down to remove any stickiness. Throw out food that looks off and wipe down the shelves to keep your refrigerator looking like new. Do the same with your pantry and your microwave.

Make up a mixture of baking soda and water and spray it into your oven once a week. Leave the mixture for a few hours (or day) before rubbing it off with a clean cloth. This will ensure that the oven residue comes up with one easy rub.

Finally, set up a schedule with your family when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. Give your kids some chores, such as setting the table or loading the dishwasher to make it easier on you. Let them know where everything goes so they can easily make a peanut butter and jam sandwich and put everything back where you want it.

A little creativity and a lot of labeling can make your new kitchen neat and tidy for longer. When organizing your new kitchen think logically about the most ergonomically spots are for everything. Little cups, for example, should be placed low enough for little hands to reach while Mom and Dad's wine glasses and collection of liquors should be placed well out of reach. Do a little bit of brainstorming before simply sticking items here there and everywhere to ensure your kitchen is organized just the way you like it.

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