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Sometimes, when it comes to arts and crafts time, it's better to take it outside in the new neighborhood environment. Painting, glitter, glue - it can all get a little bit messy and it is often best to be outside where you can hose it all down without damaging the furniture, etc. There are several ways to set up arts and crafts time outside and this is a great way to keep their imagination flowing without damaging your rental home.

Setting Up Outdoor Crafts

The first thing you should invest in is a good table for arts and crafts. You can buy kids tables at any furniture or toy store and many are designed for outside. However, any wooden or plastic table will do. Make sure you have some chairs for the kids as well and that you choose a spot for arts and crafts that is shaded. Some of the outdoor table settings will come with an umbrella so that the kids remained in the shade no matter what time of the day it is.

Doing arts and crafts outside will only work when the weather is cooperating. What this means is that it cannot be too hot or too wet unless you have an under covered area. Choose a time of the day when the sun has not hit full blast so that the kids are not sweating while painting and making collages. Also, while playing in the rain can be fun, their pictures will probably get damaged if you are mixing rain with paint. It could get even messier than standard arts and crafts time!

Painting, coloring, drawing - these are the standard arts and crafts but this doesn't mean you can't think out of the box. Play dough or clay can make a great tool for art time as well as a number of other items from the pantry. Rice is great for play and adding corn flour to water can create a lovely thing can goop for the kids to really get messy with.

Outdoor Craft Ideas

There are several excellent crafts built for outdoors. A good idea is to make a nature collage. All you need to do is collect a bunch of different items from nature - grass, leaves, dirt, flowers - and glue them together. Older children may want to make a picture out of the items they have collected, such as a beach themed picture with sea shells, trees and sand while younger children will probably be happy to just collect the items and stick them anywhere on the paper.

Even standard arts and crafts time can be taken outside. You can set up an easel and let the kids paint their hearts out under the shaded tree. Set up a table with crayons, felt pens, glitter, pipe cleaners and feathers as well as a few paper plates and let the kids make their own masks. Or use a hole punch and a piece of ribbon plus a few pieces of paper and make a little booklet for the kids to design their own books. These are only some of the countless ideas you have when it comes to creative arts and crafts play.

Outdoor arts and crafts mean less clean up for you and a lovely setting for your children. Let them enjoy the great outdoors, get inspired by the world around them and work on their masterpieces. You can get arts and craft ideas for children as young as 2 online that will suit their ability and really let them explore the world of creative play.

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