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Soccer is an exciting and energetic game enjoyed by countless people worldwide. As soon as children are able to walk and run many of them will enjoy kicking a soccer ball as well. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and provides a competitive way to get in shape, learn about teamwork and demonstrate your talent. You can even bring along your pet tp play. When it comes to organizing an outdoor soccer game, however, you need to keep some fundamental ground rules in play.

Neighborhood Soccer Games

If you live in a complex with a large field or live near a park, then a great way to enjoy a weekend afternoon is to organize an outdoor soccer game with your neighbors. Organizing something like this is as simple as posting a sign on the lobby or mentioning it to those that live on your street. While not everyone will be able to make it or interested in coming, many will. Even those that do not feel like playing may enjoy bringing a lawn chair to the field and watching.

Soccer is a fairly simple sport. The goal of the game is to earn points by kicking (or heading) the ball into your opponents net. The main rule in soccer is that you cannot use your hands. You dribble and pass the ball to your team players to get to the opponents end. Each team will have ten players (and a goalie who is in net and is allowed to use his hands) but you can play soccer with much less than this. If you have more players, you can rotate them in by called a ‘substitute.’

If you are organizing a neighborhood soccer game you will need to bring a soccer ball, cones to make up goal posts if the park does not already have them, pinnies or colored t-shirts to differentiate the teams and plenty of water. Soccer is a very active sport and you will most certainly work up a sweat. Stay hydrated throughout the game to avoid any problems.

Soccer Rules and Regulations

One of the biggest things to remember if you are playing with a neighborhood is that people will be at all different skill levels as well as ages. You may have a few people that play soccer on weekends or go to the gym five days a week. You may also some people that hardly exercise, others that may have never kicked a ball before and others that are still children. The most important thing when playing outdoor soccer games is that everyone gets to play and be part of the team. Save the competitiveness for the real soccer leagues and have fun with it. If your neighbor’s ten year old son has the ball, don’t cross check him and steal it from him. If a five year old is about to take a shot, don’t block him; let them have a go.

Another thing to remember when playing outdoor soccer with your neighbors is that soccer is, for the most part, a non contact sport. This means no pushing, no punching, no cross checking and no tackling. Although soccer does have some contact, it is a good idea to modify the game if younger kids are playing so that it is a more relaxed environment. You may also have to bend the rules a little bit as younger children may forget the ‘no hands’ rule or may have trouble keeping the ball ‘in bounds’ when dribbling. While the point may be to score a goal, the goal of any neighborhood outdoor soccer game is to have fun.

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