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Dark paint can offer a bold, elegant and electric addition to any home. However, when it comes time to paint over that dark purple or midnight blue it can be next to impossible. If you are painting over dark paint with a lighter color then you will first need to do some prep work in order to get the desired color you want.

Dark Paint in your Rental

Dark paint looks great in a number of situations, such as behind your vegetable garden. A bright red wall can really highlight the brown overtones in a den and an electric blue wall can be the perfect statement for a teenage girls' room. However, what happens when you want to change the dark green office into a light pink nursery? Or what happens if your classic white furniture doesn't match the bright red walls in the den? If you are renting and your landlord allows it, then it might be time to get out the wallet and the paintbrush and do some interior decorating.

Painting over dark paint is a lot like dying your hair. You cannot expect to turn into a blond overnight if your hair is dark. You will need to first bleach it or gradually lighten the hair color in order to get the desired effect. Most people will opt for the latter option as bleach can damage your hair. When you paint over dark paint, however, you don't have to worry about a lighter color damaging the walls. With this being said, when you are painting over dark paint, you will first need to invest in a white primer to neutralize the dark tone.

Preparing to Paint

When you are at the paint store investing in your paint, pick up several buckets of primer as well. Do not skimp on the primer, especially if you are painting a large area. Before you get out your paint brush, however, you also need to do some serious cleaning of the walls. Wash the walls with soap and water to get off any dirt, grime and anything else that is making the walls dirty.

Take the time to prime your walls. You may need to apply several coats of primer before you actually go on to your new color. You will probably need to spend one full weekend priming the walls and then the next weekend painting the room. Make sure you have enough time to do this. If you want to paint the guest room a eggshell white over a dark green then make sure you do it at least one month in advance before your in-laws are planning on staying over for the weekend. That way you don't have to worry about rushing to get the walls done, the furniture back into the room and the guest room ready for guests.

Another thing to remember when it comes to painting any room, regardless of what color you choose is to prepare before you paint. This means using masking tape around any touch corners or windows unless you are an expert cutter. It also means investing in floor covers and moving all the furniture out in the event of a paint spill or splatter.

The good news about painting your dark walls a lighter color is that painting over a light color is a lot easier. What this means is that if you do decide to change the wall color again, you will have a much easier time than painting over dark paint with your new choice. Take your time, choose your colors wisely and make the necessary preparations to ensure you get the desired look for your room.

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