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Many rental properties come equipped with shutters for the windows. Window shutters are normally made out of wood and offer protection from the outdoor elements. Older homes come with window shutters but some newer homes also include shutters. If your rental property has shutters then you may want to give them a quick paint job. Painting your shutters allows you to easily refresh and update the look of your home without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of your time.

Painting Preparation

One of the easiest ways to revamp your home, and easier than window screen replacement, is to paint your window shutters. To paint your shutters you will most likely only need one or two cans of paint and a spare weekend. Before you begin you will need to first contact your landlord to see if he is okay with the idea. In some instances he may offer to pay for the paint cans; after all, you are beautifying his property. In other instances your landlord may refuse you outright and choose to hire a professional to do the job.

Once you have permission from your landlord you need to agree on a color. Shutters are traditionally white or brown and most people will stick to this color when re-painting the shutters. A quick coat of paint with the same color will revamp the look of the shutters but without causing any problems with color or blotchiness. If you do choose to use a different color than the original shutters then consult a professional for advice. You will most likely need to paint the shutters a white or neutral color first before applying the first coat of the new color. Furthermore, you will also need to apply more than one coat of the new color.

There are several options when it comes to paint selection. Eco friendly paint is your best bet as it will last longer and is good for the environment. Consider how the sun, the wind, the rain and other weather conditions could damage the shutters when choosing your paint. Furthermore, you may also need to add a varnish to the final product to keep the shutters glistening and gleaming for many years to come. Speak to a sales rep when buying your paint to confirm your colors and your paint choices before you begin.

Time to Paint!

Once you have purchased your paint cans, you will also need a small paint brush as well as a ladder to reach any second story windows in your home. Put on old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on and place an old blanket on the floor around your work space to keep the driveway, yard and inside flooring clean from paint splats.

When painting, take your time and get every crease and edge. Use smooth brush strokes and only put a small amount of paint on the brush to avoid blotchiness or paint splats. Work with a roommate, partner or friend to keep the job exciting and also offer support in those hard to reach and second story shutters. A partner can spot you and help you see any mistakes or missing edges from the ground while you paint on the ladder.

If you do make a mistake and get some paint on the windows or on the driveway, use a wet rag and clean up the spot right away. If you get the stain before the paint dries then it will easily come off. If not, then you will need to scrub hard and may need a chemical compound. Keep a rag with you at all times to avoid any shutter painting disasters along the way.

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