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Your garage floor can easily start looking old and worn. After all, think about the pressure it has on it on a daily basis. If you are parking your cars in your garage then it will probably have oil stains, gas spills and tire treads all over the place. Furthermore, the paint could be fading or chipped in other areas where you are storing items. Give your garage a quick face lift by adding a fresh coat of paint.

The good thing about painting your garage floor is that is it quite easy. In fact, you can have it done in a matter of hours. However, the bad news is that you will still need to do all the painting preparations including buying the painting products, cleaning the floor, removing all the items and prepping the painting area.

Choosing the Paint Color

Before you go any further, however, you need to get permission from your landlord. Painting the garage floor is not going to do any harm to the house and will end up benefiting your landlord in the end; however, this is still something that you need to run by him first as he may have a specific color or brand name that he wants you to use beyond you moving out of the rental. In some instances your landlord may even offer to pay for the painting materials as it is his house and this home improvement will inevitably benefit him.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the color for your garage floor. Most garages will be a fairly neutral color such as a light pink, white, gray or light blue. You may wish to stick to the color that is already in place and just paint over it. This will be the easiest option you have. Once you have decided on your color and have purchased the materials, including the paint, paint brush and roller, then you can get to work.

Preparation and Painting Success

You will need to take everything out of your garage which will most likely include your vehicles as well as any storage items you keep in here. Garbage bins, bicycles, gardening tools, storage bins, shoes and jackets - these things will need to find a new home for the time being. Once everything is cleared out you can get to work.

However, before you start painting take the time to clean off the garage floor with a good scrub. Using a blade pick off any pieces of paint that is coming off and use some sand paper to make everything smooth. That way you are working with a smooth surface and can ensure a cleaner paint job in the end.

Painting your garage floor is actually quite standard. All you need to do is roll the paint over the floor in smooth motions. Try not to let any smears dry and use a light layer. Use the paint brush around the edges where the roller will not fit. Take your time and start in one corner, working your way to the other.

Once the first coat of paint is dry you can add another coat of paint. Start the process on a weekend when you know the weather will be good so you can keep the items that normally go in your garage in your back yard for a couple of nights. Paint the first coat on Saturday, paint the second coat on Sunday and move the items back in on Monday. Painting your garage floor is really that easy to do.

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