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If you are having any type of party then you have a few logistics to figure out. Finding enough chairs to seat your guests, ensuring there is enough food and drink to keep your guests full and choosing the right music for your party's mood are all things you need to think about. However, one of the things that many people forget to consider is where your guests will park their cars.

If you live on a street that does not come with a lot of extra parking spaces, then one option you have is to ask your neighbors for a little assistance. Take the time to speak to your neighbors about your little get together and ask them if they would be able to accommodate an extra car in their driveway for the party. This is one way to ensure that everyone's car is safely off the road and that there is plenty of parking for all your guests.

Asking a neighbor to 'borrow' their driveway for a party is not as easy favor, especially if your neighbor is planning on going out for the evening or if you do not know them well. While some neighbors may be happy to help you out and may move their vehicles into the garage so that the driveway can accommodate one, two or even three cars for the day or evening, others may not be too pleased with this prospect. After all, there are a lot of risks involved in parties and vehicles. If your neighbor refuses to help you out, don't get too offended. Some people would prefer to stay away from this type of stress and liability especially if they need a rental grace period..

Driveway Party Negotiations

One of the things you need to determine before you are asking your neighbors to park cars in their driveway for a party is how long you will need their driveway for. If the party is only taking place for a couple of hours in the day, then this shouldn't be a problem, especially if your neighbors are at work or away during this time. However, if you are hosting an evening party that may go late into the night, then this can pose a problem. You need to set up a specific time frame and ensure that the parked cars are moved when they need to be moved. This also means making sure that all drivers remain sober and able to drive their cars out of the driveway and home after the party.

If you are hosting an evening party with alcohol it is best to let those that will be drinking to park their cars on your lawn, in your driveway and on the road where they will be safe for the night as you cannot let your guests drive home after drinking. Or, ask your guests to take a cab there and back to ensure that no one drinks and drives. When you are helping your guests find a space to park, choose guests that will not be drinking or will be going home early to park in your neighbor's driveway and this is the less nuisance for your neighbors.

When asking neighbors to park cars in their driveway for a party you need to be respectful of their answer, regardless of whether this is a yes or a no. Ask them well in advance and, when you are asking them for this favor. You may also wish to warn them about the party and inform them about the time you expect the chaos to take place.

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