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If you are thinking about hosting a party in your rental apartment or any other small space then you are going to need to do a little bit of organization beforehand. Having twenty five people in your teeny one bedroom apartment is going to be hard but it is possible. Learn about ways to make the most out of your small space such as carefully organizing your closet to host a successful party.

Asking Permission to Party

The first thing you need to do is get permission from your landlord or property manager. You cannot have any type of party, from a birthday party for your son to a Christmas party for your friends, without letting your landlord know and seeing if this is okay. Some property managers have a very strict no parties policy in place and if this is the case, you will need to either find a new venue or risk getting evicted.

If you do get the go ahead of a party then you need to choose your guests. You cannot invite everyone you know but it can be hard choosing only certain people to invite. If you do want to invite a large number then you may wish to host your party in a larger area such as at a restaurant or a club. Or, you will need to select your guests carefully. Try to limit your guest list to 20 or less if you are having a party in a small space. Any more than this and you are looking at a serious crowding problem.

Think about the space in your apartment. Do you have an outdoor living area? If so, then try to use this space as much as possible. Do you have an open living plan? If so, then this is definitely going to help. If you have a small living area with several little rooms, then this can pose a problem as your guests will be split up into various rooms. However, even if this is your set up, it is not impossible. You can 'theme' each room to make it your own personal pub crawl in your small apartment unit.

Making the Most Space

You will need to rearrange the furniture to accommodate this number of guests. It is a good idea to have a couple of tables in the corners of the room for treats, beverages and other items that your guests can easily nibble on. You may also want to have a place for some chairs and other places to sit. Try to get rid of all items that get in the way. Move couches so that they are in the corner of the room and so there is as much space as possible for your guests to get around.

Play around with the different ways you can rearrange your furniture to accommodate your guests. After you have decided on where things should be, you also need to get rid of all the clutter. This means putting away any items that will not serve a direct purpose to your party. Things like your yoga mat, your math text book, your laundry basket of dirty clothes should all be hidden in another room or in a closet.

Having a party in a small space means you need to plan in order for it to be successful. However, don't let the lack of space deter you from the fun. Getting together friends with good food, nice wine and a friendly social atmosphere always equates to a fun time, even if the venue is a little on the small side.

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