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Using a mood board can help you visually see something before it's completed. Mood boards are used in all aspects of daily life and work including in advertising, in graphic design, in interior decorating and in magazine printing to name a few. You can use a mood board to plan ahead when adding rooms to your home. Putting together a mood board allows you to see what themes and colors you want to work with and determine the best way for your party to run smoothly.

When you are making a mood board you are using samples of items that you want to use for the real deal. This often includes photographs, sketches, fabrics and material samples, especially when in the designing industry. Using a mood board for your party allows you to use clippings out of magazines, recipes, color themes and game ideas. You can place all of these items together on a mood board to better prepare for your party and also ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Party Planning with Mood Boards

The type of mood board you make will depend on what type of party you are hosting. Let's say you are hosting an Under the Sea themed birthday party for your two year old son. You will probably want to plan a few games, include a few recipes, fish invitations and thank you notes, a picture of a fish birthday cake and ideas for a fishy goody bag on the mood board. You will most likely want to have some sort of plan of when to open presents, when to have the cake, when to play the games and when to pass out the finger food or else you could easily run out of time or be left with several very out of control toddlers.

However, if you are planning a Fourth of July Party you may not need as much structure. You will also probably have a longer time frame for the party as adults generally can last longer than two hours without needing a nap or a break. On your mood board you may include pictures and recipes of yummy drinks and snacks in red, white and blue as well as decorating ideas. You may wish to include samples of paper plates, tablecloths and napkins in your theme as well as a song list, a games list and a party guest list. Together, all of these things will help you visualize your party before it happens and ensure that you are not missing any information pieces.

Make your Own Mood Board

You can find a mood board for your party online or choose to make it yourself. There are several free mood board creation websites that allow you to simply add your own comments, photos and snippets into the pre-made mood board or you may wish to do it yourself. You may want to have a look online to see the different ways people have designed mood boards to get an idea and get inspired to create your own.

Finding a mood board for your party doesn't have to be done online. You can do it yourself as well. To do a mood board yourself all you need is some tape and a large piece of cardboard. Simply tape on the items to get an idea of how your party will unfold. You may wish to have different sections on the mood board for different parts of the party, such as one corner for decorations, one corner for food and one corner for songs and games. Or, you may wish to decorate your mood board in chronological order if you are strapped for time.

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