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Penthouse apartments are the luxury version of an apartment. They are located on the top floor of the building and are usually larger and more elegant than the standard studio, one and two bedroom apartments below. Penthouse apartments often have their own elevator as well as an outdoor living area on top of the building. If you are lucky enough to be renting a penthouse apartment, then count your lucky stars. While you are up there, it is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various hazards that come with living this close to the Gods.

Penthouse apartments often come with a number of luxuries that you will usually not find in a standard apartment such as fireplaces, breathtaking views of the city, a large balcony or outdoor sitting area and a spa. Penthouse apartments usually have a large open living plan with plenty of space to do whatever you wish, such as keeping a pet in shared accomodations. There will bedrooms as well as a den, office or home gym. Your penthouse may also come equipped with a bar or gaming area, a Jacuzzi or any other extraordinary feature. Penthouse apartments also feature large windows that overlook the city.

Living the High Life

Penthouse apartments are not cheap to own or to rent. Many are worth millions of dollars and are owned by the rich and famous. Others, on the other hand, are more affordable and, while the rent may be pricey, it can be possible for someone making a decent living. It can be tempting to rent a penthouse apartment but remember that there is a lot more to the cost of living than just the monthly rent. Be sure to budget in your car expenses, electricity, phone and internet as well as daily food and living expenses when you are looking into living in a penthouse apartment.

Penthouse apartments are not for everybody. While it is completely possible to live in a penthouse apartment with children, many people looking at renting accommodation will opt for a house instead. Houses tend to be cheaper than penthouse apartments and offer more space as well as a backyard for the kids to run around. Many people choose to live in a penthouse apartment with kids rather than a house because of the close approximation to the city.

Penthouse Apartment Precautions

If you are renting a penthouse apartment, regardless of the location, you need to take a few precautions. First of all, be sure to install a good alarm system in your apartment and opt for renters insurance to cover all your belongings and contents. Second of all, if you do have children or animals living with you, be sure to invest in child or pet proof gates to block off any balconies, terraces or other outdoor areas. If your penthouse apartment features a fireplace, a Jacuzzi or any other feature that could be considered unsafe for little hands, be sure to block these off as well.

While you may be above the rest of the tenants, you are still living in an apartment complex and thus need to obey the rules laid out in your lease agreement. This may include no smoking, no pets and no parties. Keep your music and your voice down and be respectful of the other tenants below you. While you may not have someone above you, they do so try to limit the dancing, banging and stomping.

If you are ready for the high life and can afford to rent a penthouse apartment, then you are in for a treat. Enjoy creating the perfect living space that combines your unique tastes with a small sampling of luxury.

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