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Looking to rent a place that allows pets? You may think that you are flat out of luck, but this is actually not the case. While many rental properties, especially apartment complexes, do not allow pets, many do. There are a few tips and tricks to finding (and keeping) a rental unit that allows pets.

Finding a Pet Friendly Home

First of all, when looking for a place to rent that allows pets, be up front when talking to potential landlords. If your landlord says ‘no pets’ and you sneak Scruffy in after the lease agreement has been signed, you could be looking at an eviction and possible legal action.

You may find that you have better luck renting a home rather than a studio apartment that allows pets. You may also find that places that are in the heart of the city do not allow pets. While there are always some exceptions to the rule, smaller complexes are more likely to allow pets than larger, sky scrapers. Furthermore, older homes, townhouses and duplexes to rent are also more likely to allow pets than brand new studio, loft or penthouse apartments.

When you are looking for a rental unit where Spot, Rex or Fluffy can roam freely, consider what would be best for your pet as well as yourself. Would Spot be happier in a studio apartment that offers a view of the city or in a rental house that includes a backyard? Most dogs would prefer the latter. After all, while a view of the city is most definitely a bonus for you, there is little room for poor Spot to sniff, stretch and do his business in a studio loft.

Moving in with Your Pet

Once you have found the perfect place for both you and your furry friend, then there are a few ways to keep the place as clean as possible while ensuring that Fluffy feels at home, and this includes proper litter box care. Make sure your pet has a certain area in the house that is his. Keep his food, bed and toys in this area. If you have an outdoor living area, then your pet will be happy to part out there, especially if there is a big backyard to explore as well. However, if you are in an apartment complex or smaller unit that does not come equipped with a nice patch of grass, then the laundry room will work. If your pet has a place to call his own, then he will be less likely to claim the couch, your bed, the kitchen table, etc. Furthermore, if you keep his living space in an outdoor area or laundry, then you can avoid his muddy paws all over the living room carpet or new Persian rug.

Keep your pet as clean and groomed as possible. This means giving him a bath whenever you can. Clip his nails to avoid scuff marks on the hardwood floors and always remain up to date on any flea and worming treatment as well as his yearly vaccinations. A clean pet is the first step to a clean rental unit.

If you notice any serious pet incidents (mud stains on the white carpet, broken screen doors, scratches on the walls), then notify your landlord as soon as you can. You may need to call in the experts to steam clean the carpet or replace the screen door. It is your responsibility to take care of any problems your pet may cause, because pets allowed in rental properties are the tenants responsibility, even if it was an accident. This is an important rule to remember, not only as a responsible tenant but also as a responsible pet owner.

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