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We could all enjoy the good company of a pet. However, if you are living in an apartment or any other small space then there are only a few pets that you can choose from. Having a large dog in a small space is not going to be good for yourself or for your dog. You may find that your dog becomes depressed and ruins the furniture trying to get out of this cluttered home.

Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean you have to be pet free forever. There are a few pets that will thrive in smaller spaces, provided that your landlord agrees with it. Make sure you have the permission of your landlord first before comparing pets for small spaces. Even a tank full of fish need to first be approved by your landlord or property manager as many complexes will be completely pet free premises.

Caged Animals for Rental Units

One option you have when looking for a pet in a small space is a caged animal such as a mouse, a turtle or even a lizard. You may think about getting a bird, too. Anything that lives in a cage is good for a small space as you can only expect the pet to take up the space of the cage. You may wish to take out your furry friend for a cuddle if you are home but this will only work with some caged animals such as guinea pigs or hamsters.

If you live in an area where you have a little bit of yard or grass then you can also look into a rabbit which can live in a cage but prefers to be outside. You don't need much room for a rabbit and they are quite cuddly and adorable. If you have very understanding neighbors or if you don't have neighbors at all then a bird is also a good idea as they will live in a cage. However, some birds can be quite noisy and can keep you up all night chattering and chirping away.

Cats and Apartments

Cats can also make a good edition to your apartment as most cats do not require a lot of space. Cats that are from the wild will need to roam free and explore but cats that are brought up as house cats will tend to be happy with their surroundings. Cats are one of the laziest animals out there and many are content to just lounge around your furniture all day, even when you are at work. This can work to your advantage if you live in a small area.

However, some cats do want to explore which can be a problem if you live on a high floor in your building. Make sure your cat cannot get out of the window and that she is locked safely inside the home whenever you leave. You don't want to worry about your cat slipping off the balcony and landing in the middle of a busy street.

Keep in mind, however, that all pets come with responsibility, even small caged ones. Even fish need to be fed on a regular basis and require a clean aquarium to swim in. You can expect to have to feed your pet daily in most instances and clean up after him, either by cleaning his cage or tank, cleaning the litter box or doing anything else required. This is all part of being a pet owner, whether you are looking for a large dog for your acreage property for small pets for small spaces.

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