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Having pets in shared accommodation can be tricky. You will not only need to find a share house that allows it but also a pet that is suitable for this type of living space. Some animals do not like living with a lot of people or with other animals while others will love the attention and the excitement of having people coming and going all the time. Think about your lifestyle and your pet’s personality when looking into shared accommodation.

Selecting Pet Friendly Share Accommodation

A share house is often a home your rent out a home. There is usually a shared living space such as a kitchen, a bathroom and a living space that you will share with the other residence. Shared houses are often filled with travelers or students. Many shared houses allow their tenants to bring pets, especially if the house has a big backyard or if the landlord is an animal lover.

If you are moving into a share house you will need to begin preparing for your pet before you move in. You will most likely need with the landlord and also with some of the other residence before you decide to move in. Check out the set up to see if it is appropriate for your pet. If your pet is quite shy and the shared accommodation is busy with numerous tenants and several gatherings a week, then this might be too overwhelming for your shy little friend.

If you have a dog that loves to run wild and free, then he may not be too thrilled with living in your bedroom while you go to work or are in school, especially if there the home doesn’t have a yard. Cats, on the other hand, will most likely be perfectly content to relax on your bed until you come home for some cuddles.

Although the tenants usually don’t have a say when it comes to who moves in and who doesn’t, it is a good idea to run it by them as well. If you have a tenant that is allergic to cat fur, then it is quite disrespectful to move in with your cat. If one of the tenants already has a cat living there and you know your dog hates cats, then perhaps this isn’t the right share house for you.

Being Pet Responsible and Respectful

If you do find the perfect shared accommodation for both you and your pet then be sure to take full responsibility for your pet. This means vacuuming up any fur, keeping the litter box or the backyard clean and cleaning up after any messes your pet makes. You will need to set up a certain area to keep your pet’s food, bed and toys that is out of the way for the other tenants. If your pet is allowed in the main shared areas, then you may take more responsibility when it comes to vacuuming and mopping as your pet’s fur will most likely be the one shedding the most mess.

If you are away for the evening or during the day be sure to lock your pet up in a safe place, either in your room or in the backyard. It is not the responsibility of the other tenants to babysit your animal or to ensure that he remains inside if you are out. Furthermore, if your pet does escape you don’t want to have to place the blame on one of the tenants for leaving the front door completely open. At the end of the day, your pet in shared accomodations is your responsibility even if there are others living with you.

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