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Having a pet in a small apartment is quite common. Just because you are renting an apartment with a small living space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on owning a pet. As long as your landlord agrees that you can keep a pet in the apartment and as long as you choose the right pet for your living situation, having pets in small apartments can provide a happy ending for all parties involved.

Choosing your Pet

So what is the right pet for a small apartment or shared accommodation? The best pets are ones that are small and easy to maintain. Pets that live in an aquarium or a cage, such as turtles, fish, lizards and frogs can help add character to your home. Reptiles and fish are easy to maintain as only require a daily feeding and a weekly cleaning of their home. This is a good option for renters that do not have a lot of time to take care of a pet.

Another good pet to have in a small apartment is a cat. Most cats are perfectly content in a small living space as long as there is plenty of area to lounge around and a comfortable place to go to the toilet. However, if you live on a high floor and your balcony is not completely contained, then you will need to get a kitty-gate to ensure that your cat doesn’t jump off the balcony. You will also need to block off any open windows to prevent her from escaping if you are not home.

A dog is the most common type of pet for homeowners and renters; however, most dogs are not suitable for small apartments. Small bred dogs may be happy to live in a smaller area as long as there is an open space for them to go to the toilet and as long as you are diligent with taking them for a walk once or twice a day. Larger dogs and working breeds will become destructive and possible even depressed in a confined space such as a small apartment. If you have a lot of spare time and are home a lot, then having a small dog may work well for your small apartment, as long as you are prepared to make up for the lack of space with a lot of attention.

Another pet that you may want to steer clear of is a bird. While birds are quite lovely and can offer excellent companionship, many birds enjoy singing and chatting which can cause a huge headache for your neighbors, especially in a tight space such as a small apartment. Furthermore, there is always the risk that your bird may make a great escape out of your window.

Pet Ownership Responsibility

Regardless of what pet you do decide on, it is important that you are financially and emotionally prepared for the responsibility that comes with owning a pet. Cats and dogs tend to live for 10 to 20 years and can cost several thousands of dollars each year. From vet bills to vaccinations, from food to flea treatment, you will need to keep up on all of these costs.

If you are planning on taking time off to travel or are unsure about where your life will take you, it might be a good idea to opt for an easier-to-maintain pet for small apartments. After all, if you decide to take a year off to travel to Europe and need to unload your pet for the time being, your parents or friends will most likely be more willing to take care of a fish than a dog.

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