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Pets scratching hardwood floors are a common occurrence for pet owners. As much as you love the exuberant energy that your dog exhibits when he sees you come through the door, you hate how this excitement leaves its mark all over the floors. There are a number of ways to undo the damage done by your pets scratching on the hardwood floors; however, the best way to fix this problem is prevent it from happening in the first place, so you can get on with other things like outdoor tanning sessions.

Hardwood Floor Scratch Damage

Pet scratches on your hardwood floor can be minimized with the right tool. The best way to get rid of any scratches on your hardwood floor is to ‘color’ them out. Wax crayons, which are sold at any hardware store, come in a wide assortment of colors to match hardwood and laminate floor. Simply ‘color’ the scratch with the crayon to fill in the scratch. You can use a damp cloth to clear off any of the crayon that is on your floor.

Very serious claw scratches may require you to use some putty to fill in the hole before you add the magic crayon. It is important to assess each scratch to determine how deep it really is. Scratches on your hard floor are not only unattractive but they can also cause complications down the road if you are renting your property. Your landlord may be quite angry if your pet has ruined the floor and you may be looking at a poor recommendation and a loss of your damage deposit because of it.

Pet Control 101

You love your pet; however, you don’t love those large scratches on your nice hardwood floor. Keep your pet’s claws trimmed and neat to limit the scratches. You may also want to invest in claw covers which go over your pets claws and stop him from scratching hard surfaces.

If your dog is inside all day and gets excited to see you, then he will probably race through the house scratching any surface that gets in his way. Teach him to sit, stay and heal by offering him treats. With patience and practice, even the most hyperactive dog can learn that this behavior is not acceptable.

One way to avoid pets scratching on hardwood floors is to keep your pet outside away from any indoor surface. Not only will this stop the hardwood floor damage but it will also limit the amount of housework you need to do. After all, there will be considerably less dog hair all over the floors, the furniture and in the food if your pup remains outside.

Can’t stand the thought of your pup outside all alone? If you don’t want to banish your fur baby outside then there are ways you can train him to be calm and civilized inside. The less running, jumping and chasing he does in the house, the less scratches on the hardwood floors. Be sure to run off any extra energy your dog may have before letting him lose on the floors. A daily walk, run or play in the park is one way to ensure that your dog is sufficiently tuckered at the end of the day.

Limit any running games to outdoor behavior. And this goes for the kids too. Often dogs will be the pet scratching hardwood floors when they are running around, chasing after the kids or trying to join in on the play wrestling happening on the area rug. Kids will be kids; dogs will be dogs. However, there is a time and a place for boisterous behavior and perhaps in your living room is not it.

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