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Phoenix moving services give you the freedom to look forward to your moving day without worry. When you depend on experienced moving services to do the heavy work, you can spend your time taking care of other important tasks, like finding a new school in Arizona for your children, transferring your phone or utility services, comparing Phoenix renters insurance quotes, or arranging cleaning services for your new AZ home.

If you're moving to Phoenix from a colder part of the country, you may be surprised at how hot the temperature can get in the summer time. If at all possible, schedule your move for the spring, fall or winter. Not only are these seasons less busy for Phoenix moving services; they're also cooler and more comfortable. Moving heavy boxes or furniture in the desert heat can be a risky task, especially for older adults and children, who are vulnerable to the effects of high temperatures.

Understanding Moving Quotes

Relocating to the city of Phoenix can be an exciting adventure. The capital city of Arizona features a colorful array of cultural Southwestern events, a wide range of recreational opportunities and a host of jobs for its new residents. With the expert help of Phoenix moving services, you can anticipate the changes in your life and concentrate on preparing your new AZ house or apartment.

Before you accept an estimate from Phoenix moving services, contact several services to request quotes and information. The estimates you receive from these services should be clear, accurate and have no hidden surprises. Because relocating can be an expensive enterprise, you don't want to have to pay for a lot of extra charges that you never anticipated. Walk through your rental house with an AZ mover to develop an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to relocate your belongings and don't forget other things you may need such as Phoenix cleaning services.

Phoenix moving services have a number of ways of charing for their services. Many companies charge by the weight of your belongings and by the distance that they have to travel during your Phoenix relocation. Some companies charge by the time it takes for your move, and others charge by the service. When you review a quote, ask a company representative to clarify any charges that aren't clear, or any fine print that suggests you might be charged additional fees under certain circumstances.

Estimates from Phoenix moving services may be binding or non-binding. With a non-binding estimate, Phoenix moving services do their best to give you an accurate quote of how much the move will cost. The company is not bound to this quote, and you may end up paying more than the original estimate once the final fees have been tallied.

With a binding estimate, a Phoenix mover commits to charging you a certain price for your move. If your belongings weigh more or less than the estimate indicates, you will still pay the same price. You may incur an additional charge for the security of a binding quote. A non-binding quote is given free of charge.

A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is the best solution for many Arizona renters. With a binding-not-to-exceed arrangement, the mover agrees to charge you a set amount. If the total weight of your belongings turns out to be more than the estimated amount, you will still pay the sum quoted by your Phoenix mover. If their weight is less than the estimated amount, you will pay less to have your possessions moved. Make sure you receive a binding estimate in writing and that all of its terms are clear before you sign a contract.

Additional Moving Fees

When you're comparing quotes from several Phoenix moving services, be aware of any extra fees that may be associated with your relocation. Full insurance for your belongings may cost more than you anticipated. While bonded movers must carry a certain amount of basic insurance, this coverage will usually pay for only a small percentage of the value of your belongings if they are damaged or destroyed. If your renter's insurance does not cover your belongings in transit, consider buying extra insurance from the mover or another provider.

A mover may impose an expedited service charge if you need to relocate on a particular date. You may save money on your Phoenix relocation by leaving the date and time of your move open. Accessorial charges will be applied for tasks like packing, unpacking or extra deliveries. You may have to pay your mover storage fees if your belongings can't be unloaded immediately because your new rental unit isn't ready.

Trustworthy Phoenix moving services make every effort to give you a quote that's as fair and accurate as possible. Relocation can be expensive, and it may seem that you could save money by doing all the work yourself. In the long run, however, you may save money on renters insurance and moving costs and reduce worry by hiring the top professionals.