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Picture frames can be the perfect way to brighten up any room in your home. You can find picture frames in so many different shapes and sizes as well as colors and materials that you will be able to have fun and get creative with various framing options around the house. Some picture frames can be hung on your walls while others are best left sitting on your desk, bedside table and on your entertainment system. Play around with picture frame decoration ideas to create a personal touch to your home.

Decorating Larger Areas With Frames

The first thing you need to do when it comes to decorating with picture frames is decide on the theme of the room and the colors that you want. Think about the furniture in the room as well as the accessories. For main living spaces you may wish to stick to picture frames in black, silver or timber as these are all quite neutral colors to try and hide pet hair or dust. You can choose any type of picture to frame but in larger areas it might be best to stick to traditional family portraits or even framed scenic photos that you have taken from recent holidays. Or, you can also frame professional shots done by trained photographers for your main living areas.

Picture frames often look best when you play around with several together. For example, you may wish to place three identical picture frames on your main wall but all a little lower than the previous one. You can put a picture of your three children in each one for a uniform and traditional way to display your biggest accomplishments.

Or you may wish to stick to one larger picture frame on the main wall. Or, you can also choose several little frames and mix them up in a pattern. This college idea is a perfect way to display several family photos together in a funky personalized way.

When you are playing around with picture frames on any wall in the house you need to get permission from your landlord. After all, many landlords are not too happy to see holes in the walls which can be hard to cover up and may even require a complete paint job when you move out. If you have hammered holes in the walls in each room then there is a good chance that you will not be getting your damage deposit back.

Picture Framing in Bedrooms

You can also brighten up bedrooms and even bathrooms with picture frames. Many people will choose to stick the intimate family photos in the master bedroom as this is a place where you can enjoy these moments but are not on display for all your guests to see. For your kids bedrooms you can look into getting colored photo frames in pink, blues and greens and display pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. You can even get them to paint a few pictures and then frame their artwork in the bright colored frames. Choose picture frames that will match the main colors in their room such as the colors they have selected for their bed spread, pillow and curtains.

Picture frame decoration ideas can also brighten up your bathroom; however, again, you may wish to stay away from family photos in the bathroom as this may not be something you want to look at while doing your business. Choose lighter topics for framing in the bathroom such as fish, ducks, flowers or artistic pieces designed for these smaller and personal spaces.

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