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You have most likely seen the concept of a picture wall played out successfully in certain homes before. If you not in person, you have most likely seen such a wall featured in the photo spread of a home decoration catalog at some point. A "picture wall" is quite simply a wall, or at least a certain designated section therein, that is decorated with a wealth of picture frames. If you have not yet witnessed such an example for yourself, you might consider conducting a quick internet search to see visual examples.

Homeowners and renters alike have turned to this fun decorative method more and more in recent years. This accessory to match your decor entails a number of immediate benefits, one or more of which is likely to strike a positive chord with you individually. Some apparent advantages to decorating your wall in this manner are that it constitutes an attractive, eye-catching means of filling blank wall space and that your investment needs cost very little. You probably already have the most important ingredient of all, the photos you will prominently display. While you will probably need to purchase a few more items if you determine that creating a picture wall is an apt decorative solution for you, your investment in terms of dollars will probably be very low, particularly when compared to that associated with most other venues of decoration.

Steps to Creating the Effect

Consider before purchasing your frames what specific type of effect you would like. This is a stage at which having conducting a little online research will come in handy. Before you have exposed yourself to the numerous photographic examples that fill glossy pages of catalogs and permalinks of various decoration websites, you might have no solid notion of how you would like your own end product to appear. Some renters will have seen one or two samples of a picture wall, perhaps samples that strongly favor one another, and will proceed forth with a solitary concept of what a picture wall "should" look like. By not hunting down the plentiful, creative examples that are out there, you can cut yourself off from some impressively inventive arrangements.

One of the more popular styles of arrangement is that in which you define certain dimensions on your wall that form a large shape, quite often a rectangle, and fill in that broad space with picture frames that vary in size. While there is absolutely no requirement that you follow a foregoing example, you might at least pick up a few pointers, or piecemeal ideas to incorporate in your own unique arrangement of frames. If you have seen an example like this one, in which a large rectangular shape is defined and staffed with frames, you have probably seen a collection in which the style and coloring of the frames match, while the size alone differs. This can create very clean, crisp look while still being much more visually interesting than straight lines of pictures all framed in the exact same way.

Though this is a popular method of enacting the idea, there are some renters and house owners who go against the grain, and to aesthetically dazzling effects. In your search for photographed examples of this idea, you may find instances in which frames differ wildly one from the next. Creating a wall of picture frames, for some, entails hunting around a various thrift stores, yard sales, and chain stores until an eclectic collection of frames has been gathered. Which type of approach, if either, is best suited for you depends entirely on personal preference.

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