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Lofts can be the perfect rental property for people of all ages, incomes and lifestyles. A loft offers an affordable way to have your own space without the hassles that comes with renting a house and maintaining a yard, so you can have more time for ultimate frisbee. Lofts are often one large open area which means there are plenty of options in terms of decorating and placing furniture. The key to placing furniture in a loft is to open up the space as much as possible and find a way to make several living areas out of this one large room.

Creating ‘Rooms’ in your Loft

Most people will want their loft to be split into three or four different rooms – living area, kitchen, bedroom and office, for example. When you are placing furniture in a loft, you want to keep every piece of furniture in one of these ‘rooms.’ For example, the living room may have an entertaining centre and a couch with a chair placed at an angle to separate this room from the kitchen. The office may have a desk and chair facing away from the living room to create its own space. The bedroom may have a bed, a closet and a vanity unit placed in the corner while the dining area may include one table with two small chairs.

It can be easier to visualize each ‘room’ in your loft if you stick to one main focal point. For the living room, this may be the television. For the office, this may be the desk. You can also create the illusion of separate living areas by making sure each area has its own light source. This may mean adding lamps to your décor in each room or making use of what is already installed in the rental unit.

Decorating and Design Tips

When it comes to accessorizing each room, choose one main color scheme for the entire loft. This will eliminate any clashing or cluttering. Choose an area rug for the main living area which will help define this living space. A decorative mirror will look great in the bedroom area while a few beautiful pieces of artwork can enhance any white space in the living room or dining area.

Work with what furniture you have. If you have a bookshelf, then this is a great addition to the office area and can also act as an excellent room divider. If you have a coffee table, then use this as a room separator. If you have gym equipment, then place it all together to make a ‘home gym’ rather than having weights, barbells and yoga DVD’s scattered around the loft.

Ask your landlord if you can install a shelving system in your loft. Shelves are a great way to decorate your walls without taking up too much space. You can place books, pictures, cups, plates, electronics and anything else you need without having to clutter your loft with bulky storage containers.

Most lofts have a separate bathroom in addition to the large living space. Make the most of your bathroom by putting all toiletries and other items that are in the way in there. Consider adding a storage system to place linen, towels, laundry and anything else that may clutter the main living space.

When it comes to placing furniture in a loft, less is more. You may find that some of your furniture simply doesn’t fit in your new area, especially if you are downsizing from a larger apartment or house. The key to decorating any loft is finding that happy medium between convenient, chic and comfortable living.

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