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Bachelor parties are not always about strippers, nights in Vegas and stealing Mike Tyson's tiger. It is possible to throw a civilized bachelor party at a nice complex community center where no one gets lost, throws up or spends half their weekly earnings on a lap dance. But then, what's the fun in that?

Planning the best bachelor party starts with asking the groom what he wants. Many newly engaged men are not actually too interested in finding strippers or getting so drunk they cannot remember where they live. If you are ready to get married, you might be passed this. However, this is not always the case. Ask your buddy what he prefers and respect his wishes.

All bachelor parties should have at least three things - a good venue; good friends; and good drinks. A good option for a venue is to rent out a hotel suite for the night. That way, if you do decide to go out on the town, you will have a place near the city to stay and crash. Or, if you choose not to go out you can have the party in the hotel without worrying about cleaning up. You can also look into renting out a holiday house that often comes with plenty of different bedrooms for people to crash.

Bachelor Party Activities

Many bachelor parties will go for more than one night. For example, you might want to make a weekend out of it. Rent the holiday house for a Saturday night and go up there nice and early.

Perhaps do a little skiing during the day if the house is near a mountain or wake boarding on a lake if you are renting a house near the water. These are only some of the suggestions for a great way to spend time with your friends and celebrate a momentous moment in your mates life. Other great day time activities for a bachelor party include a round of golf, go karting or chartering a boat for fishing.

Now, once the sun goes down then it's onto the fun. You will need to have a fridge stocked with beer as well as some food. It might be a good idea to have someone cater food to you or go out for a meal with everyone. You can, of course, also hire strippers or topless waitresses to make your party even more entertaining my serving the drinks and putting on a show. However, keep in mind that this is not for everyone. Even if you want it, make sure the groom to be does as well to avoid any problems down the road.

Make sure you also talk to the groom to be about the guest list. He may want to invite some work friends, brother in law, father, etc and this means you might have to tone the party down to suit the guests. Or, he may be happier to just invite a few close friends and go all out. Las Vegas with a few good buddies to relive The Hangover may be exactly what he wants for his final weeks of freedom.

When it comes to how to plan the best bachelor party you do need to do some chatting and planning. Make sure everyone is well fed and happy with the activities, especially the guest of honor. Having not enough things planned can lead to stagnant moments especially if the group of men are not familiar with one another. Keep the party going with lots of different things planned, from the traditional shows to the nontraditional sporting activities. Get creative and the rest will fall into place.

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