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Moving into a new house is the perfect excuse to throw a lavish party for all your friends and family. You can show off your new home and get your friends together to share in some good food, wine and laughter. However, before you invite everyone you know to your new house, make sure you have done your homework and made the necessary home improvement preparations.

Housewarming Parties in Rentals

The first thing you need to think about is how many people your home can actually accommodate. Most leases come with a serious no party clause which means you cannot invite 50 people over and expect your landlord to be okay with it, especially if you live in an apartment complex. If you are in an apartment, then limit the people to around 10 to 15 at the most. If you live in a house with a larger backyard and living space area, then you might be able to invite a few more guests but you shouldn't exceed 30 at the most.

Make sure you have prepared enough food to keep your guests happy. If you are hosting a dinner party then you can cut down on the costs by asking every couple to bring a side dish. That way you don't have to worry about making so many dishes and can focus on a main dish. Or, you may be happier to just throw an appetizer party with plenty of different dishes to sample. Again, you can ask each guest to bring a plate of something or you can do all the preparations and shopping yourself.

Check that you have enough space to accommodate each guest by bringing out all your chairs from every room in your home. You might need to dig out your camping chairs and bring all the chairs outside if hosting an outdoor party. This is a good idea in the summer months especially if you have a large outdoor living area, a large patio or an inviting swimming pool for your guests to play in while they party.

Housewarming Party Preparations

Drinking alcoholic beverages at a housewarming party is quite standard. However, as the host, you are responsible for the well being of your guests. If you are planning on serving alcohol, then make sure you have designated drivers ahead of time. Or, look into getting a few cabs to your property so that no one has to risk it. This is a huge thing to consider when hosting any type of party where alcohol is involved.

Guests - check; food - check. What's next - entertainment! How will you keep your guests happy and entertained? Adults are usually pretty easy to entertain with a few tunes in the back ground and conversation. Children, on the other hand, may need set up activities and toys to play with.

If kids are involved, then make sure you have a few DVD's on offer for the kids to choose from. Furthermore, have some toys set up on the grass or in a special area to keep them entertained. Water balloons and a slip and slide are great options for summer housewarming parties while books, toys and board games can go a long way when it comes to indoor party games for kids.

Planning a housewarming party requires three main things - guests; food and drink; and entertainment. Once you have these three things under control, the rest is up to your guests. So sit back, make sure everyone is happy and well fed, and enjoy your new home with your old friends.

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