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Poker nights can be enjoyed by anyone, from a family looking for an alternative to Saturday movie night to a group of friends looking for a way to make some money rather than waste it at the nightclubs. Furthermore, hosting a neighborhood poker night is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors past the occasional ‘hi’ in the hallway. If you are looking for a great way to make friends with your neighbors and possibly make some money in the process, then pull out the cards and go all in.

Poker Night Planning

When planning a neighborhood poker night the first step is to rouse the interest in your neighbors. Any night of the week is a good night for poker but if your neighbors have young children or early morning jobs, it might be best to choose a weekend evening. A good time for poker night is around 7:00 or 8:00 pm, after dinner and mounting televisions is complete but before it’s time to get into the pajamas and call it a night.

You can choose to invite your neighbors by going door to door or leaving a bulletin on the billboard in the lobby. Calling, texting or even Facebook works just as well. Just be sure to get an accurate number before the games begin.

There are several different versions of poker. Texas Holdem is the most popular version as well as Five Card Draw. Everyone will be at different levels and may be familiar with different rules. Take a few minutes to introduce everyone to one another and to go over the rules, comments, concerns and questions involved. Play a few rounds of fun hands before you get into the actual betting.

Hosting a Poker Night

When you are hosting a neighborhood poker night you need to not only think like a gambler, but also like a host. Not only do you need to know when you hold em, but you also need to know when to offer drinks.

First of all, discuss the anti rules and limits before you begin. Are you playing for hundreds of dollars or for a few extra bucks? Are you using pennies or Pringles? This will make a big difference in the game. Before anyone sits down, it’s important to discuss the financial situation to avoid any issues down the road.

Second of all, be a good host. Have some nibbles and drinks on hand for your guests and be sure that there are enough chairs for everyone to comfortably sit and play. You do not have to hire a caterer and serve Moet; chips, dips, pop and beer will most likely do. Be sure to show your guests where the bathroom is, where to put their shoes and where to put their beverages if they brought their own. Make your guests feel comfortable in your home before you begin the game.

Third, keep the music to a minimum. If you are in a rental apartment or any other complex, then the neighbors around you that are not attending your poker night will probably not appreciate being kept awake half the night with boisterous music. Try to keep the yelling to a minimum as well. Poker is all about bluffing which means there is no need to shriek about how awesome your hand is.

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