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When you are planting fall flowers you are most likely looking for either a bloom before winter or a bloom at the beginning of spring. If you are looking for flowers to bloom at the beginning of spring then planting flowers in the fall will ensure this happens. If you are looking to have a quick bloom before the crisp winter air kicks in then you can still get away with planting some flowers in the early fall to brighten up your garden until Jack Frost arrives.

Immediate Flowers in the Fall

If you are looking for immediate blooming then you need to get to work as soon as possible after asking your landlord about specific lease agreement policies. There are several flowers you can choose that will offer you a quick bloom to spruce up your backyard as soon as possible and before it gets too cold. Many flowers actually do well in the cool autumn weather including mums, candytufts and hollyhocks. All three of these varieties come in different colors including white, yellow and orange which means you can add some perfect fall colors to your garden.

The type of flower you use for your yard will depend on where you want to plant them. If you are looking for a quick bloom for a border garden then marigolds are a good choice. If you want to stick to planter flowers then candytufts are quite popular as are petunias and zinnias. The best thing about these fall flowers is that they will pop up quite quickly and are quite resistant to the cool air. You can enjoy a brighter and colorful garden well into October, November and even December, depending on where you live.

Fall Planting, Spring Blossoming

Another good option when planting fall flowers is to plant bulbs in the fall for blooming in the spring. Nothing welcomes the warm breezes and sunny bright days of spring quite like a fresh garden of new flowers. There are several flowers that will grow from bulbs to choose from including tulips and daffodils.

Many people assume that it is simply too cold for anything to grow during the late fall, early winter. However, this is actually not the case. Bulbs need the cool air to help them blossom in the spring and thus you need to wait until it is quite cold to actually plant them. This means bundling up in warm clothes and wearing appropriate gardening gloves when planting flowers in the fall.

You will need to dig quite deep when you are planting bulbs. You also need to be sure that you are working with the right soil, as mentioned above. If you are unsure about the best flowers to plant in the fall you can always get assistance from the assistants in the gardening store which can help you select your seedlings and determine the right flowers for your specific area.

When you are planting fall flowers the type of soil will make a big difference as will your garden location. You will need the perfect combination of water and sunlight for your flowers to grow. Furthermore, you will need to keep them protected from dogs and birds that tend to dig through your garden and harm the seedlings. You may wish to put a small fence around the garden bed to give your flowers the best chance to grow. Or, you can plant some smaller annuals in flower pots to place on your patio and deck. This will add some color to your main sitting area for enjoyment in the fall as well as in the spring.

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