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Most renters and homeowners alike spend most of their time outside during the summer months - sometimes just to avoid loaning money to roommates for air conditioning. Summer barbeques, tanning, outdoor dining, swimming pool parties and backyard baseball all require warm weather that summer brings. Because of this, you want to be sure that your garden and outdoor entertaining area is at its best during the summer months. Think about what flowers you want to plant and grow ahead of time so that you are prepared for the summer months with a beautiful flowing garden of flora to enjoy.

Planting your Summer Flowers

Flowers take time to blossom and bloom. If you are planting your flowers from seedlings, which is the cheapest and more rewarding way to garden, then you need to think about your garden ahead of time. When planting from seedlings, you need to plant your summer flowers in the spring to ensure they have grown into beautiful blossoms during your hotter months. Every flower is different and every package of flowers will come with instructions, including when to plant them, how to plant them, how to keep them growing and how long it will take them to bloom. Most flowers take around 10 weeks to start to grow and a little longer to bloom. If you want your summer flowers to start peeking at the beginning of July, then you need to spend a weekend in April preparing for this.

If you are purchasing plants from a garden shop then you can expect them to blossom in around two weeks after you plant them. However, keep in mind that some may blossom before this and some after this depending on the type of plant it is. Most flowers come with a tag that tells you what to expect in terms of summer flowers. Try to buy plants that will all blossom around the same time to ensure a beautiful garden throughout the summer months.

Summer Flower Selection

Not all flowers are made for summer. Furthermore, different flowers require different growing conditions and climates. Make sure you are buying flowers that will bloom in your current gardening condition. Consider whether your garden is shaded or not, how much natural sun hits the flowers and how much rain water or other water is needed to keep them healthy. Check that your summer flower selection can grow in the type of bed you have chosen as well as the type of soil. Ask for advice at the gardening center if you are ever unsure or if you are new to the world of gardening.

There are several different summer flowers to consider when building your garden. Aster is a lovely choose and comes in a variety of colors while the Bouvardia is a very aromatic choice. For a larger garden tree consider the American Persimmon which can grow up to 20 meters in height. Add some baby's breath and birds of Paradise to your garden to complement your flowers or stick to something traditional such as the Bell Flower, the Carnation or the Calla Lily, all of which are beautiful choices for your summer garden. For a more erotic look consider the frangipani, the Iris or Jasmine. Additional summer flowers to choose from include the Kangaroo Paw, Lavender, Lilac, Dahlia, Marigolds and Daisies to name a few.

Do a little bit of research and make a blueprint of what you want your garden to look like during the summer and when to plant summer flowers. Make a list of possible flowers to help you structure your garden better. That way, when summer rolls around, you will be greeted with a garden full of glorious blossoms ready to brighten up your backyard.

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