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A swimming pool provides you with endless hours of fun. Many people will choose to swim lengths as a way to keep in shape while many others will be perfectly content to lounge around on a floaty toy and drift from one side of the pool to the other. Another good way to have fun in the pool is to indulge in one of the many pool games. Pool games are especially great for children who may be looking for a little more excitement than simply floating and tanning in the pool. Just remember that spraying for pests can keep your pool area clean and welcoming.

Swimming, Diving and Jumping Pool Games

One of the best pool games out there is 'Marco polo'. Marco polo involves the person who is 'it' closing his eyes and trying to find the other 'ducks' by feeling around and swimming. Another great game is 'tag' which uses the same principal but the 'it' man can keep his eyes open. If the swimming pool has numbers along the side of it (6 feet, 5 feet, 4 feet) then you can use these tiles as 'safe' zones so the swimmers have a place to rest in between swims.

Diving boards also provide a number of great games. Set up a competition where one child does a dive or a jump off the board and the others have to mimic it. Judge who has the best dive or see which child can do certain dives the best, for example, the diver with the smallest splash or the jumper with the biggest splash.

For keen swimmers another good game are underwater races and relays. You can choose different swimming strokes for each length. For example, perhaps each team of four will have four lengths to swim in total, one butterfly, one underwater swimming, one breast stroke and one back stroke. This is a great game for teaching teamwork, especially for the very active and competitive children out there.

Another good option is to purchase some sinkable pool toys that allow the kids a chance to dive deep down to the bottom to pick them up. You can have races to see who can pick up more toys at once. You can also use pennies or other small sinkable items - just make sure you keep them away from the filter systems and that you have gathered them all up at the end of the play.

Pool Game Safety

All pool games require adult supervision and no running! When playing any pool game limit the game zone to inside the swimming pool. If the kids are jumping in and out and rushing to the diving board or the slide, then make sure they walk.

It is also important that you make sure the kids have plenty of waterproof sun block on and are staying hydrated. It can be hard to tell if you are getting sunburn when in and out of a swimming pool but the sun reflects down on water and actually makes it easier to burn. Make sure they are taking frequent breaks to drink some water and are eating nutritious food to keep their energy levels up while playing in the swimming pool.

Monitoring your children while they are playing games in the swimming pool is essential to their safety and survival and your sanity as a parent. Swimming pool games pose a lot of threats, from potential drowning to slip and fall accidents. Make sure you are adequately prepared to handle any emergency swimming pool incident by keeping your First Aid up to date and checking to ensure there is adequate liability insurance to cover any related medical costs.

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