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Porch gardening is a common past time, especially for those who are renting an apartment, townhouse or condo that does not come equipped with the big backyard with plenty of space for garden beds. Porch gardening can be fun and affordable. Whether you want to cultivate your own miniature veggie patch or are looking to brighten up your outdoor living space, consider turn your porch into your own personal plant oasis.

The Benefits of Porch Gardening

Adding plants, trees and veggies to your porch can serve a number of purposes. By opting for larger bushes and trees, you can block off any obtrusive views and add some privacy from nosy neighbors and noisy traffic. Larger bushes and trees can also provide your porch with some much needed shade and offer a lovely place to cool down after a long hot day, or slow down pets and avoid scratching hardwood floors.

Smaller container gardening can brighten up your living space by adding a splash of color to your décor. You can choose flowers that match your outdoor furniture and patio paint job. You can even theme your selection based on your furniture. You can also opt to start your own veggie and herb garden to cut down on the costs at the grocery store. There are countless veggies and herbs that thrive in small spaces and you will have the benefit of adding flavors and nutrition to each and every meal.

Porch Gardening Plant Selection

Choosing the right plants, trees, flowers and veggies to plant on your porch depends on a number of things. First of all, consider what you are actually looking for in your porch garden. Second of all, consider the climate on your balcony. Do you live in a hot and sticky area? Is there much sun on your porch? Is the temperature freezing cold? Do you get a lot of wind out there? All of these questions will help determine the right type of garden to grow.

Ask your local garden store expert to help you select the right plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for your porch. You will probably want to go for perennials which continue to blossom each year. You will probably also opt for container gardening which means your trees, flowers and veggies will grow in a flower pot rather than in a garden bed. You can choose any container you want depending on your budget and your outdoor décor needs. Hanging baskets, wood boxes, ceramic colorful pots, washtubs and even plastic buckets will all do the trick.

You will still need to keep your plants happy and healthy by watering them as often as you need and purchasing high quality soil for them to live in. Again, ask your local garden expert to recommend a good soil for your situation and outline the options you have. It is a good idea to purchase a watering container when you pick out your plants which allows you to easily fill up the container and pour water into each plant without any annoying hoses or extensions.

Most landlords do not mind a few flower pots, hanging baskets and containers of veggies on a porch but be sure to ask just in case. There may be a problem with allergies or concerns about weight allowance if you are not on the ground floor. One of the biggest benefits to porch gardening is that when it does come time to move out, you can easily transport your containers to your next home. A porch garden is fully portable which means you can enjoy your beautiful blossoms wherever life takes you.

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